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dna genetics seeds sleestak feminized marijuana seeds

Sleestack Feminized Pot Seeds from the world famous DNA Genetics Seedbank these female seeds offer some of the finest female cannabis seeds to come out of Holland. These female marijuana seeds or feminized pot seeds mean you do not have to sex your plants they will all be female.

This strain brings two of our favorite strains together. Shrom is a cutting that we got a few years ago from Northern California. The Shrom yields and tastes great. We love this strain because of its fuel/haze taste. Crossing this clone to the MMG male was a very easy decision because the MMG has always put something special into whatever we cross him to! The SleeStack will not grow tall like the Schrom and will not take as long either. She is a shorter, stout plant that packs on the weight after the 5th week. The buds on this plant are frosty with resin. If you?re looking for the plant to make your Concentrate out of, look no further. This strain has high resin content that will make your Concentrate stand out! With the flavor of the Martian Mean Green and the yields of the Shrom, this is the perfect mix of two legendary strains.

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Sleestack will grow practically on its own, requiring little nutrients and attention and care which paired with short flowering time and good resistance against mold and mildew. That makes it a good choice for new and inexperienced growers. More experienced growers can take this plant’s potential to the max and make use of its high resin production in order to make tasty and potent concentrates. Buds will be smaller but hard and densely stacked together, forming grape-shaped colas. Colors are vibrant and light green with some phenotypes expressing purple, dark blue or violet hues to it.

Sleestack: A Resinous And Potent Hash Maker

Sleestack by DNA Genetics is a Sativa dominant hybrid, a cross between Shrom and Marian Mean Green, made with hash and concentrate production in mind. This cannabis strain produces a decent yield of highly potent and resinous buds that usually test well over 20% THC.

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