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dc marijuana seed laws

“It grows very oddball weed that no one’s ever seen before,” he said of one of the strains.

Skarbeck sat at a table in the back of the second floor of Adams Morgan’s cramped Libertine restaurant, handing out little baggies of seeds to the hundreds of residents who streamed through the establishment. For those interested, he told them about his business, Legal 6 DC Cannabis Consulting, in which he helps people grow marijuana in their homes.

Matt Skarbeck handed out free marijuana seeds from his personal collection at the D.C. Cannabis Campaign’s seed share Thursday evening. Skarbeck, who said he’s been a professional grower since 1992, had a variety of marijuana strains on hand, some of which he said were worth $40 per seed.

Skarbeck stands to get significant business out of Thursday’s event. The seed share — the largest marijuana giveaway in the nation — was the first opportunity for many District residents to take advantage of the city’s quasi-legal drug market. Thanks to restrictions from Congress, it’s still illegal to sell marijuana in the city, although growing and smoking in the privacy of one’s home is allowed.

Organizers say that at least 500 people took home free seeds, many having waited for hours in a line that stretched along 18th Street NW. A majority of those people seemed to have little knowledge of what to do with the seeds when they got home.

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