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critical x no name auto marijuana seeds

For those that have trouble sleeping, this is going to be an easy choice for you. A quick smoke is going to result in a sound sleep and help you feel refreshed to face the new tasks ahead.

When you feel the smoke in your mouth, you are going to recognize a clear dominant and subdued taste. The fruity flavor takes the Batman role, and the spiciness is Robin. The citrus tang brings along a hint of nectar that feels glorious in your mouth.

These plants are going to produce a harvest lightning fast. With a mere 7 to 8 weeks of flowering time, you will have delicious buds before you know it.

Adverse Reactions

Northern Lights spiciness has been passed down and mixed well with Critical Mass’ fruity scent. As the warm smoke swirls around your nostrils, you are going to detect an earthiness that will remind you of damp soil after a spring rain.

If you choose to grow outdoors and these yields are not up to snuff, you can opt for multiple growing seasons. In the northern hemisphere, you are going to be able to grow at least two harvest per year. Make sure that your second harvest comes in no later than mid-September and you are going to be all good. Also, don’t forget to ensure that the winter has completely passed, and the last frost has disappeared when you go to plant your marijuana seeds.

Within a few minutes, this strain’s calling card is going to kick in. You will feel it at the back of the head and then feel it spreading to every part of your body. You will feel like you are at the spa as your muscles begin to release tension and your whole body will feel lighter and looser. You are going to gradually fall into lethargy which will end up with you feeling that intense couch lock effect. Not long after, expect to be drifting off to dreamland and feel refreshed upon waking and be ready to take on the new day.

Some strains are blessed with a legendary lineage from one parent. The Auto Critical x NL Fem strain seeds are blessed with two legendary parents. Northern Lights and Critical Mass are household names in the cannabis scene and they are loved for their delightful indica touch, yet are known for different reasons. Critical Mass is beloved for the enormous, branch breaking colas that have your jaw hitting the floor while the Northern Lights are well known for their ability to take you above the clouds and deliver a sky high stone.

This plant grows with great vigour, giving medium sized but well branched plants, easy to grow although they require a good amount of nutrients to give the best results.

No Name Auto from Medical Seeds is an auto-flowering cannabis plant created by crossing No Name, one of this bank’s best strains in terms of flavour, structure and effect, with the Medical Auto Rudelaris line resulting in an autoflowering strain that maintains the best features of the No Name parent.

The effect begins with a good dose of euphoria before evolving into a more relaxing physical stone, typical of Indica varieties, leaving users happy and sedated.

Hghly resistant, it can be grown during the warmer months in cool climates, or even during winter in warmer areas, making it suitable for a wide range of different latitudes.

Yields are high both indoors, with about 400g per m2, and outdoors with 70-160g from each plant, which will reach from 60 to 120cm tall depending on the growing conditions. This is a great option not only for beginners wanting an easy variety but also for those more experienced gardeners looking for a reliable automatic variety.

It’s true that she’s not the perfect strain for those looking for monster yields because autoflowering genetics aren’t noted for their productive capacity They, in exchange, grow incredibly fast. However, obtaining over 100 g per plant is rather easy, sometimes even twice that amount if the weather conditions are just perfect and we take care of them properly.

Critical + Autoflowering is the most adequate cannabis seed by Dinafem Seeds for inexperienced growers. Easy to grow, fast and generous, this Dinafem Girl is the most grateful of the entire catalogue, which is the reason why she’s become one of our bestsellers. The main appeals of this half Sativa and half Indica hybrid are her extraordinarily relaxing potency and, above all, her speed and her yield, which is by the way rather high for being an auto. The only thing she complains about is excess moisture.

Characteristics of
Critical + Autoflowering cannabis seeds

She can be grown in a really quick and easy manner, fair and square. Only 70 days and a standard diet are needed for her to finish her cycle and show her full potential. That’s why she’s so suitable for inexperienced growers. An incredibly grateful strain that grows super-fast and super-healthy without having to make any extra efforts. And that is possible because she showcases all the advantages autoflowering genetics offer: she’s programmed to flower after the third week, even when all the needs of the plant during the vegetative phase haven’t been met.

Perfect for: Making a debut as a cannabis grower without fearing the typical issues cannabis growers face.

When it comes to the buds’ texture and looks, they are indeed very similar to Critical +’s flowers. They are not auto buds as such: they are compact, chalice-shaped and very resinous.