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critical x nl auto marijuana seeds

It produces the characteristic fruity, sweet, intense and tasty Critical aromas and flavours.

This variety can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. For indoor gardening, the seed bank recommends a photoperiod of 20 to 24 hours for stimulating maximum growth and flowering. The large 18L pots are ideal for the plant to express its full potential.

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower produces large and compact buds covered with a thick resin layer that floods even the nearby leaves. This branchy plant produces a large number of buds, making it one of the Seedstocker Seed Bank most productive varieties, a real XXL yield.

How to cultivate BCN Critical XXL Autoflower

Outdoors, it is advisable to cultivate it in the open ground or in large pots to facilitate the roots development, thus obtaining a strong vegetative vigour which will be reflected in an abundant yield.

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower by Seedstocker is an automatic variety highly productive, easy to cultivate and with a high psychoactive effect. It is ideal for Critical plants lovers looking for fast and efficient cultivation.

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower grows vigorously, producing a branchy plant with a short internodal distance and acquiring a shrub structure, with a main central point standing out surrounded by secondary braches.

It delivers a joyful, relaxing and powerful effect at the cerebral level. It contains high THC levels of 22%, a very powerful automatic plant with a long-lasting effect.

One of our heaviest yielding auto varieties, BCN Critical Autoflower is also a powerful smoke with THC levels of 22%+. These legendary genetics are reliable and consistently heavy producers of strong cannabis, its a proven auto that you can trust to deliver. Indoors this variety takes around 75 days from seed to harvest and does well with 20 or 24 hours of daily light. The buds are bigger than usual with a sticky frosty coating and an aromatic smell, with hints of citrus. Very easy and uncomplicated to grow, with heavy harvests and an unbeatable smoke.