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critical x cream caramel auto marijuana seeds

For a similar, sleepy time bud, try the indica dominant . This is a little trickier to grow, but for its pain relieving and anxiety reducing effects, it is worth the extra efforts. This is a nice option for the THC sensitive, as the levels sit at between 10% and 15%.

The flowering stage for these beauties is 10-12 weeks. Watch as the olive-green flowers start glowing with rich mustard-yellow pistils!


Like with most strains, this bud does have some minimal unwelcome side effects. Common inconveniences include dry eyes and cottonmouth. Nothing a little hydration cannot help mitigating! Simply drink lots of fluids before, during and after your session to keep this in check. The potency of this strain may lead to more severe reactions if overused or used by those with extreme THC sensitivities. Things like dizziness, paranoia and anxiety are possible, but if you approach one small toke at a time, you should be able to keep these at bay as well!

We will leave you with one more awesome strain, Cheese fem. This bud may smell like a teenage boy’s socks, but it offers a myriad of medicinal benefits that make it worth using. Plus, this strain is naturally resistant to disease and tolerates different environments quite well, making it a good option for new growers.

The smooth smoke off this bud tastes much like it smells. Strong cheese hits the palette first and then reveals hints of lemon and mint that linger on the taste buds. Note a sweet dose of honey as well that leaves you feeling like you just drank a refreshing cup of lemonade!

We love Critical strains, and these Cream C seeds boast some of the most magical combinations of effects one could hope for. But this cannabis is much more complicated an animal than simple cannabinoids can account for. Terpenes are also a major part of what makes weed strains the wonders they can be and, in Critical x Cream C, Caryophyllene, Limonene and a-Myrcene are some of the major contributors to the health and wellness applications of this strain. Anti-anxiety, anti-cancer and detoxification, relaxation and sedation, anti-fungal and anti-epileptic qualities abound in Critical x Cream C and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Plant some pot and flourish in your own life, that’s what we say. This great country has, over the past couple decades, started to lighten up and we are here with the collection you need to see success in all your American grows. Grow operations looking for a heavy-hitting, high-yielding strain to parent over the next couple months have every reason to fall in love with this strain. Home growers hoping to pluck masses of buds off strong stalks for a killer cure can rest easy knowing that Critical x Cream C is on the job. Weed Seeds offers these seeds for personal orders or en masse, so buy Critical Cream Caramel Auto Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds and see what makes this a blow-out strain, perfect for your American garden.

Buying Critical Cream Caramel Auto Fem seeds is easy online through Weed Seeds USA. We make sure you enjoy a secure shopping and checkout experience, have tonnes of distinctive strains on offer and are always here to help. These plants grow to just over three feet if left on their own outside, producing 100-150 grams per plant by October. With a little indoor gardening prowess, these beautiful specimens can produce 425-500 grams per m2 of 18% THC buds in 9-10 weeks from the onset of flower. Weed Seeds is a top-rated distributor of reliable seeds of some of the world’s finest cannabis strains. When you buy Critical Cream Caramel Auto Fem seeds online in the USA for your home or professional space, you are backed by our commitment to your success, so trust Weed Seeds USA for Critical Cream Caramel auto fem seeds and watch your success flourish.

Flavors of Cream Cheese Critical

To grow from seed is a special experience all growers should undertake to perfect. A good place for many to start is an autoflower and these Critical x Cream C auto seeds are designed so anyone can home grow some stellar weed with minimal added effort. Since autos walk to the beat of their own drum, it is wise to plant seeds directly into a five-gallon pot of living soil, so that they can put every moment to proper use. Indoor cultivators will want to control that environment and al fresco growers should make sure that their crop enjoys a full-sun location. Either way, LST (Low-Stress Training) like bending and tying is necessary for a healthy crop indoors or out though, left to their own devices, these plants are never unmanageable. Seedlings will reach maturity in just 4-6 weeks and after another 9-10 of flowering, they should be ready for the harvest.

Critical Cream C induces an instant euphoria. Increased heart rate may occur at first, but as the stone takes hold, creative relaxation ensues and consumers are lifted up to a higher level of thought, feeling and expression. After enjoying a body-tingling buzz and a trippy mind, creative conversation and maybe a bit of the munchies, consumers often feel a sleepiness which is hard to shake.

Sweet and tangy, skunky, punky and pungent, this is one truly aromatic marijuana and to parent this flower in your grow op can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Critical is a combination of Afghani and an heirloom Skunk strain; Cream Caramel is born of a combination of Blueblack, Maple Leaf and White Rhino; Cheese is the lovechild of Skunk #1, Mexican, Afghan and Columbian; and all these come together to form a true beauty of the bud world in Critical Cream C Auto. 18% THC and up to 500 grams per m2 make Critical Cream C Auto Fem not only a yielder, but a perfect 420 flower as well. When you want to try these seeds in your own garden, drop us a line and grow with the best. Grow with Weed Seeds USA.

When you order up some of these seeds through our secure online platform, enjoy speedy and discrete delivery and plant out these little nuggets, in just a few days, you should have the beginnings of a killer crop of top-shelf cannabis. These plants do well indoors or out, but in a controlled Mediterranean environment, they really shine. Make sure your soil, feeding and pH are on point and that your ventilation system leaves no corners un-aired. Low stress training will ensure that you create balance in your buds and see increased harvests, though this is not necessary. No need for a flip, no need to sex your crop and no need for pruning or transplants make this little auto indica a cinch to raise and, in just 9-10 weeks from the onset of flower, you can be rolling in sweet and skunky buds. Weed Seeds USA is happy to hear about your success, so call us up and tell us how your garden grows!