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critical x cheese candy marijuana seeds

Critical x Cheese Candy feminized seeds are an excellent option for experienced growers looking for exponential yields. But if you’re a beginner cultivator who’s ready for a challenge, then this strain is right up your alley.

Almost immediately, you’ll feel a burst of euphoria, which elevates the mood and fills your head with positive thoughts. On top of that, creative juices will also pour out, so if you’re a writer or an artist, make sure your tools of the trade are ready. The mental stimulation, however, won’t last too long. At the peak of the high, the intense body kick takes over, accompanied by a touch of languor. By this point, it might be challenging to remain mobile and do demanding tasks. For this reason, you’ll want to blaze up it up at night.

Flowering Time

Auto Critical x No Name Fem is specially created for medicinal patients looking for effective pain relief and stress reduction. But, we’re sure that even recreational users will enjoy the strain’s potent, long-lasting mental and body kick. As a bonus, it also has a musky, spicy fragrance profile that’s impossible to resist.

Thanks to its Critical Mass lineage, the buds are quite a striking sight. They’re ultra-massive and blanketed with a generous layer of diamond-like resin. Most importantly, they’re quite heavy and could cause the branches to snap into two. So, be extra vigilant during the flowering stage, and add structural support as needed.

We’re delighted to inform you that all of these varieties can be purchased here at i49 Seed Bank. Top-quality and reliably-sourced, each of these seeds will grow into healthy, vigorous plants with proper care and effort. More than that, they will also retain the most appealing traits of their parents. After ordering, we’ll ship your parcel as soon as possible – wherever you are in the US.

We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

Critical Cheese is a feminised cannabis seed that, apart from one of the greatest marijuana strains list of all time, has been one of our collection’s flagships since our foundation in 2005. At Dinafem Seeds, we came up with the bright idea of mixing two stars that shine with their own light in our catalogue: Critical + and Cheese. What derived from such high-end cross was an incredible hybrid with outstanding yielding properties, even better organoleptic qualities and the unbeatable genes of the Afghani and Skunk families. In short, a marvellous seed that all self-respecting collections must include.

* Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD…) may vary depending on external factors such as the growth medium, the grower’s experience, the growing technique (SOG, SCROG…), the environmental conditions and genetic variation.

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Critical Cheese delivers a clear and stimulating ‘high’ that gets you into an almost unbearable euphoric state, which is why unaccustomed users should act with caution. The effect takes long to disappear and ends up with a nicely relaxing sensation.