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critical x amnesia . marijuana seeds

Auto Critical Amnesia is one of our most potent robust auto-flowering strains. It is a cross of auto critical x auto Amnesia these genetics are a great combination combining 2 of the best auto flowerers creating a cerebrally psycho-active marijuana strain that will grow and mature in 12 weeks or less from germination to harvest. Its structure is very similar to the critical having multiple branches all covered in frosty buds.
Auto critical Amnesia has a distinctive aroma with an earthy lemon spiciness. Yields are fairly generous at up to 80 gr per plant indoor and 200g outdoor has not been to difficult with 100 days flowering, The effect leaves little to be desired when compared to this amazing combo with a soaring, cerebral high.

This ganja could hold up to 22% THC. It’s potent and shouldn’t be taken lightly – especially by beginners. To avoid adverse reactions like anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness, start slowly. Increase the dosage only after you’ve assessed how the plant affects you, and you feel like you could still handle some more.

Critical x Amnesia is a godsend for recreational users who are hunting for a reliable daytime strain. Get ready; this ganja’s mind-centric effects kick in pretty fast. At the same time, a gush of euphoria will also hit you like a blow. Negative thoughts will fade away, allowing you to focus on the present and other more important things. As your mind clears, your senses also heighten, transforming your surroundings into an enchanting place.


Critical+ Fem is ideal if you’re looking for a high-yielding plant that’s easy to grow. In as short as six weeks, you could already take home up to a whopping 22 ounces (625 grams) of gluey buds per square meter. Containing an average of 12 to 16% THC, it’s also perfectly suitable for novice marijuana users.

Critical is an Indica-dominant hybrid famous for its intensely relaxing effects and hefty buds. On the other hand, Amnesia is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for producing a potent energetic buzz. If you want to know what else these celebrated strains have to offer, check our recommendations below.

As expected, the plants are incredibly tall and could reach up to 270 cm (8.9 feet) in height. If you’re short on vertical space, you’ll certainly have to train the plants early into the vegetative stage. The vibrant, grass-colored leaves are slender and sparsely distributed across the plant. The airy structure means that you’re unlikely to encounter molds, mildew, and other moisture-related problems.

This strain will produce a massive yield of impressive flowers. Critical x Amnesia feminized cannabis seeds are easily one of our top sellers. The parents Critical Mass and Amnesia both hold separate qualities that we all strive for.

Critical Mass produces a huge yield of standard flowers, but once it was crossed with the Amnesia we were left with something extra special! A huge yielding beast that gave some seriously impressive flowers with huge crystal levels. The finished product has huge bag appeal with scents of lemon.

Flowering takes 10 – 11 weeks and yields are around 625 grams per square meter.