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critical purple auto marijuana seeds

A Critically-Acclaimed Powerhouse

Can you handle a strain with 25% THC? Here is Critical Purple Autoflower, a strain with this much THC, an indica strain that will quickly take you to a place with heavenly bliss. Feel the relaxing sensation rush from your head to your feet; be sure to take moderately or face the dreaded couchlock effect.

Let’s face it. The high THC content is the main selling point of this strain. With up to 25% THC level, Critical Purple Autoflower is one of the most powerful Indica dominant strains there is on the market today. One can immediately feel its effects at the onset of the toke. A few puffs and you are sent to a heavenly rush of pure bliss. Tingling sensations come rushing down your neck to the rest of your body, and you begin to feel your body melt. Many of its effects are heavily rooted in its Indica lineage. Apart from the overbearing high, the body stone is also very powerful that it can leave you immobile for the rest of the night.

Additional Information

Ideally, this strain is best consumed at night when you are about to get some sleep. Expect a pain-free experience when you start taking this weed. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress are also alleviated once you start consuming this Indica strain. Growing this cannabis is a no-brainer. In about 12 weeks, you can start harvesting and begin curing.

The Critical Purple Car smells very sweet and flowery. Its sweet, rosy taste is a treat for cannabis connoisseurs. It is a pure Indica and therefore perfect for relaxation. It is also great for relieving pain, reducing stress and as a sleep aid.

The Critical Purple of Seeds66 is an indica variety originating in the Kush Mountains. This strain is famous for its high THC content. We crossed an original clone with our Seeds66 Ruderalis. Despite the Ruderalis genetics she is still a “hard hitter”

The Critical Purple Auto delivers good yields and is very easy to grow. Indoor it will not exceed 1.2 meters. The rule is 80 cm.

feminized and autoflowering
CBD content: approx. 1%
THC content: 18 – 21%
Harvest days 55
Yield inside: approx. 450g / m2
Harvest in the open air. up to 200 grams / plant

This strain is suitable for either indoor or outdoor growing. It will not mind the colder temperatures up north and in fact, it will produce leaves with a vibrant purple hue as the mercury drops. Its height peaks at 80 to 150 cm (30 to 60 inches), but it will branch out laterally. This creates more bud sites that can be exposed to the light. Each plant becomes more efficient and production is boosted.

Auto Critical Purple Fem is a straightforward and enjoyable grow for cultivators of all experience levels. Through the addition of Ruderalis genes, the plant is hardy and can tolerate harsh weather conditions. It is short and compact, making it easy to hide or fit in small spaces. Furthermore, it matures in a flash – just 10 weeks from sprouting to harvest. This decreases the downtime and allows multiple harvests in a single year.

As an autoflowering strain, Auto Critical Purple does not bloom according to a change in the light schedule. Unlike photoperiod plants that depend on a 12/12 program, it produces flowers by following its internal clock. Inside a grow room, the lights can be kept on for at least 18 consecutive hours a day from the seedling to the flowering stage. Some growers even choose to leave the lights on for a full 24 hours. More light equals more vegetation, although experts can’t seem to agree if this is really an advantage. Some of them point out that the grow lights could raise the temperature too much and cause light burn.

Nevertheless, this hybrid is not very finicky. Simply keep a close eye on the temperature and relative humidity, and it will not give you any trouble. Due to its short stature and brief life cycle, it does not require any training. Similar to most cannabis varietals, it should be fed with nitrogen during the vegetative stage, whereas phosphorous and potassium are more beneficial for the blossoms. Before harvesting, give the plants a thorough flushing to prevent a chemical taste in the buds.