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critical cheese marijuana seeds for sale

Critical Cheese cannabis plants look radiant: their bearing is strong, their structure open and branchy, perfect for ensuring the even circulation of air, and their leaves, both thin and elongated, are light-green and orange. On top of that, they present an incredibly vigorous growth, meaning they can reach heights of 2.5 m outdoors in some cases. And, at the end of the flowering, they end up completely covered in thick, heavy and rock-hard buds, moment in which your garden turns into a spectacle of colours and aromas.

Critical Cheese delivers thick, heavy and sticky buds with which excellent hash can be made. In fact, this heavy-producer can provide up to 600 g/m 2 indoors and some 700-1300 g/plant outdoors. We could say that, in this case, quantity and quality go hand-in-hand in deep harmony.

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Critical Cheese delivers a clear and stimulating ‘high’ that gets you into an almost unbearable euphoric state, which is why unaccustomed users should act with caution. The effect takes long to disappear and ends up with a nicely relaxing sensation.

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Critical Cheese can be cultivated using any method both outdoors and indoors. Be careful in cold or too humid places. The extremely big and dense flowers are covered in huge amounts of crystals that can develop mold if not provided with proper ventilation.

Critical To Have This Cheese

Critical Cheese feminized cannabis seeds grow into vigorous wide stretching plants producing big amounts of high quality flowers. Powerful head highs will provide a long lasting relaxation and leave a sweet cheese taste on the palate.

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Its plants grow vigorously displaying a wide Indica-dominant structure, with pine-like branches. The strain can stretch up to twice its size during pre-flowering. Its green leaves have long, slim blades that develop an orange hue during the flowering. Be ready for intense odors during the last weeks of flowering.