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cream auto marijuana seeds

This was my first grow. I am very happy with the results. I was frustrated at first with the germinating of the seeds because none of the first 4 seeds planted grew and I had to get replacements.

I left no underbuds so it was only tops. If I left more bud sites my weight could of went up. Who knows.

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:point_right:Two seeds, same strain, two phenotypes. I didn't expect the two phenotypes, but it was fun to see how it all turned out. The plants stayed short and manageable. The main trunk for both was thick and stout. The branches for each also very stout. The branches didn't need any supports and held good big buds. Both smell exactly the same, but the way the trichomes formed on the plants was different. One had long airy buds, was super frosty, even the sugar leaves were super frosted. The other had fat dense pine cone buds that also had lots of sugar leaves on it. Neither plants had much larf, partly due to pruning out small branches.

:point_right:The up close aroma of the buds from both plants smelled of sweet creamy caramel. The aroma for my tent when the plants were at full bloom was sweet funky stank. Not saying it was boring, but that it was sort of generic. but strong as hell. I have good ventilation so no house smell. but outside was magical! Once dried and in jars, I had to leave them in the grow room so when I would open the jars once or twice a day it wouldn't fill the whole house with the sweet funky stank.

So they are hanging now. Easy plant to grow. Did some LST and defoliation. This cream auto was all organic. My 1st all organic grow and it was just fine.

Sweet Yet Sinful Cannabis

The sweet caramel aroma and flavor of Cream Caramel just got even better with Cream Autoflower. This THC-rich strain is infused with a Ruderalis to bring even more yield. This Indica powerhouse is known to have very powerful relaxing properties that instantly knocks people out and sends them to sugar heaven. Anyone who has smoked this weed has experienced what its like to get high from the sweetness of this strain.

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The blissful sedation slowly envelopes the body, and a warm sensation fills the body. With this type of physical reaction, there is no wonder why this strain is also used to temporarily provide relief from chronic pain, such as back pain and arthritis. Those who have always had trouble sleeping will find this weed to be a total relief.

Cream autoflower strain may be the most flavorful, extra creamy strain you’ve ever smoked. It has very potent relaxing qualities that will instantly take you to sleepy land. A delicious, blissful sensation will cover you, and this is why it’s also used to deal with pain, arthritis, muscle pains, and anxiety, and stress.

Growing this auto strain guarantees you a high amount of yield. Apart from its numbers, growers will have a great time planting and sowing the seeds of this strain due to how easily it grows under the warm climate.

maryjanes – 02/06/2021

The sweetness of the Cream Caramel crossed with the Deimos has created an autoflowering strain with the sticky and resinous buds.

JOSÉ – 23/06/2021

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Outdoors, due to the large size of the central bud it can have problems with mould in humid climates.

Perfert strain for resin stractions.

It is a really amazing plant! I planted all the germinating seeds at the same time in my grow room. Its size is perfect and its flowers are very beautiful when in the last weeks of flowering we play with the temperature.

Jackson (verified owner) – 11/11/2020