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covored plastic slanted marijuana seed seperating tray

Joel Konrad: [00:05:38] that’s right.

Diego: [00:43:44] Do you get a sense of five and 10 dollar pumpkins sell more because you only are paying with one bill. Does that play into it at all? I know the stands aren’t man. So it’s really hard to tell.

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So, say you’ve started farming for a while, but the lifestyle is leagues away from what you imagined it to be and it just isn’t hitting off. What would you do then?

Go out to dinner, going to the restaurant. It was pretty much tapped to

Yeah. So I guess, I was introduced to permaculture through college class. I think it was 2008. And I remember leaving that class being like, yes, like it was very real and dove into it from there. And I want to give a little disclaimer maybe, before we get too far into it. Cause I think probably at some point in our conversation, it’ll sound like I’m bashing permaculture in a way, and that’s not really my intent, but I went down that rabbit hole and the books and taught all the people and went to all the seminars and came to permaculture voices and did all so many different, I tried to absorb as much permaculture and stuff as I could totally see where I could get lost at the bottom of it for a little while. I think, the goal or one of the reasons that I tell my story is that I think there’s a lot of pitfalls in there that maybe could be avoided by someone else or, that I could see.

Inventor(s): Sujan Kundapur Manohar (Dallas, TX), Yogesh K. Ramadass (San Jose, CA)
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Abstract: Disclosed are methods, apparatus and systems for real-time gesture recognition. One exemplary method for the real-time identification of a gesture communicated by a subject includes receiving, by a first thread of the one or more multi-threaded processors, a first set of image frames associated with the gesture, the first set of image frames captured during a first time interval, performing, by the first thread, pose estimation on each frame of the first set of image frames including eliminating background information from each frame to obtain one or more areas of interest, storing information representative of the one or more areas of interest in a shared memory accessible to the one or more multi-threaded processors, and performing, by a second thread of the one or more multi-threaded processors, a gesture recognition operation on a second set of image frames associated with the gesture.



[H01L] SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES; ELECTRIC SOLID STATE DEVICES NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR (use of semiconductor devices for measuring G01; resistors in general H01C; magnets, inductors, transformers H01F; capacitors in general H01G; electrolytic devices H01G 9/00; batteries, accumulators H01M; waveguides, resonators, or lines of the waveguide type H01P; line connectors, current collectors H01R; stimulated-emission devices H01S; electromechanical resonators H03H; loudspeakers, microphones, gramophone pick-ups or like acoustic electromechanical transducers H04R; electric light sources in general H05B; printed circuits, hybrid circuits, casings or constructional details of electrical apparatus, manufacture of assemblages of electrical components H05K; use of semiconductor devices in circuits having a particular application, see the subclass for the application) [2]

Aircraft component regime recognition
Patent No. 10518906

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