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cooking with marijuana seeds

In precisely the same way as when you’re smoking it, different strains promote different effects. While this has a bit to do with the genetics of the plant (indica vs sativa), you’ll find that specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles play the largest role here.

Cooking at home with cannabis does not have to be a game of Russian roulette. It is crucial, especially if trying a new recipe, to test the octane. Check out how potent your infusion is before you cook.

Cooking with kief is fun and easy. Its fine texture dissolves almost instantly in liquids and fats, sometimes even at room temperature. Hash, however, will take a little preparation, and this also depends on its consistency. Dry hash can be put in a food processor to grind it. A sticky variety needs to be heated until it melts.



When adding infused oil or butter to a recipe, you will also need to make sure it is distributed evenly throughout. Otherwise, some people will feel nothing and others may end up in space. Stir your recipe. And then stir again.

Terpenes are responsible for the flavours and aromas of a plant. As we learn more about cannabis, we’re discovering that terpenes also play a massive part in the herb’s effects too.

Remember: You MUST decarboxylate your bud before adding it to fat.

Because cannabis seed yoghurt is fine for a while, here are some delicious cannabis seed recipes. So let’s play with the recipes and add the cannabis seeds to your diet easily!

You can make this smoothie with almond milk (unsweetened). Otherwise, you can prepare it with homemade cannabis milk, which requires a little more work. Cannabis milk is used to create a smoothie rich in protein and essential fatty acids.

Cannabis seed has a slightly nutty flavor and can be incorporated very well into many dishes.

Cannabis seed recipes

You can incorporate cannabis seed into your diet by adding a few tablespoons to your yoghurts or smoothies. You can also sprinkle it on your salads or your soups.

Cannabis oil is used like olive oil, except for cooking. Cannabis oil has a very low smoke point (165 degrees), which makes it unsuitable for frying.

cannabis seed recipe 3 Don’t let the title of this recipe scare you: these pastas contain very few carbohydrates and are incredibly healthy. For this cannabis seed pasta, you will need to make zucchini pasta.

This green cannabis seed smoothie serves as a meal, and you can drink it for breakfast or lunch.

If eating is a pleasure and consuming marijuana is also, why not combine two of our favourite hobbies and doubly enjoy them? If you like cooking you’ll certainly enjoy the succulent marijuana recipes that we propose in this section. Simple and easy to prepare, our cannabis recipes will become the star guest of any party.

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