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columbian gold marijuana seeds in bulk

The aroma is intensely sweet and the dried buds have a sweet fruity flavour. THC production has been measured at 19.3% making the effect very potent, cerebral and, at times, quite psychedelic. Get ready for an amazing trip!

Colombian Gold is a 75% sativa cannabis plant that was bred from a selection of different strains found in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia. The indigenous people of this region have cultivated cannabis over many generations and they use it as medicine.

Colombian Gold is a tall, vigorous cannabis hybrid strain that grows plenty of side-branches and which has a rather long flowering period of between 11 and 13 weeks. As it will not be ready to harvest until late November outdoors in the northern hemisphere it is only recommended in this environment in regions where frosts and poor weather will not damage it before this time or otherwise in a greenhouse environment. Indoor cultivators are strongly recommended to employ an air-filtration system as the smell produced during flowering is very strong. Indoor yields are in the region of 350 gr/m2 with outdoor plants producing 450 – 600 gr/plant.


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With a team made up of skilled breeders, ecologists, chemists, pharmacists and geneticists, World of Seeds believe that scientific study is the key to making medicinal marijuana an actively recognised product.

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With an unwavering focus on promoting cannabis education and the medicinal benefits of cannabis, World of Seeds has one of the largest selections of strains in the world.

Michael V (verified owner) – September 12, 2020

Characteristics of Santa Marta Colombian Gold Cannabis Seed:

Featuring up to 20% THC, Santa Marta Colombian Gold is very potent for a landrace cannabis strain. It is also well-suited for growth in long growing season areas, such as California and Hawaii. And of course indoors, just give it plenty of time to finish. Santa Marta Colombian Gold is related to the legendary Acapulco Gold.


It was a good rant, Michael. This website is simply a way for me to supplement my retirement income. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated…the golden rule. I also want return customers, which means I need satisfied customers….so that is my goal. Thanks for your kind words!

you making me blush. Thanks for all that you do for us cannabis users/growers. In this age of Trump, the “Golden Rule” is ” He who has the gold, makes the rules.” It is a joke people, do not start with the hate emails. I am positive I will be making future purchases from you, my goal is to grow at the very least, 1 plant from every strain you offer. Then pick the ones I like best, try and create an Illinois acclimated version. I know if keep producing seeds from crop grown her, sooner or later all the seeds I produce will be from plants that express the genetics that done the best in Illinois growing conditions. I know for a fact, the conditions in Columbia are vastly different from the conditions in Illinois. Again thanks.
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THC levels of 20% are common, for a strong and potent Sativa bud that everyone will enjoy.. It has a sweet and skunky aroma of lemon and lime and is energizing, and uplifting.

This strain can grow big, and vigorously, it the traditional christmas tree shape, with many side branches. The side branches can get so heavy with buds they might want to break, and may need to be supported. It has a sweet, intense smell that complements its potent, sometimes psychedelic effect.