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colorado marijuana seed bank

Gorilla Glue is an award-winning cannabis favored in the state. The strain gets its name from its highly potent, sticky buds.

For instance, cannabis became legal in Canada in 2018. Still, most well-known and professional seed banks are based outside of North America.

3. Service quality

When searching for the best seed banks and dispensaries in Colorado, you’ll want to look around to learn more about the quality of a supplier’s seeds. For example, you can check grow diaries and forums to find out more about seed quality of the seed bank.

Choosing between seed banks is difficult. This is because the range of seed banks is vast. Especially if you consider the option of buying online. That said, there are a number of points to consider when buying from a seed bank or dispensary in Colorado:

Finally, you’ll always get top-quality seeds when you buy from Weedseedsexpress. We inspect our seeds meticulously. We also record all the seeds that we distribute.

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Colorado Marijuana Seeds

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You can also never go wrong with a reverse auction, where the prices go down, as you bid on your favorite strains.

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If you’re over 21 and want to start your cultivating adventure for personal use, you may do so on your property. The law allows you to grow up to 12 plants from marijuana seeds, and up to three of these crops can be flowering at any one time. You must hide your weed from the public at all times and keep it well hidden in an enclosed area.

Ensure you pick a sunny area so your crops thrive in time for the magnificent fall weather. Doing this will help you to produce big tasty buds. Harvest no later than the end of October before the cold descends.

Should you grow weed outdoors or indoors in Colorado?

Remember, when you buy Colorado seeds, the state law permits you to have three weed plants flowering from 12 crops at any one time.

It’s illegal to grow cannabis plants outdoors in the Centennial State, even if you’ve constructed a fence around it to obstruct it from public view. You can only cultivate it outdoors if you use an enclosed location like a greenhouse or a garage with locked doors. You can grow up to 12 weed plants indoors in your home, as long as you’re over the age of 21.

Like other states where weed is legal, Colorado has its state marijuana regulations that you must follow. Continue reading to learn more about growing marijuana outdoors and indoors in Colorado.