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colombian marijuana seeds

Colombian Gold cannabis seeds are 100% Sativa. The parents for this strain are the famous Landrace Sativa which grew in northern Colombia’s mountainous region. The landrace strain was pure Sativa. The Colombian Gold feminized seeds possess similar features to the parent strains.

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The Genotype of Colombian Gold Seeds

Second, Colombian Gold strain seeds possess anti-depressant properties that you can tap from the flowers during a session.

The genotype in Colombian Gold marijuana seeds partly contributes to the plant’s features. Colombian Gold weed seeds germinate and grow into mature plants, which bloom to produce small or medium-sized flowers with a leafy and loose structure. You can easily recognize the buds due to their tapered nature and amber trichomes covering both the outer and inner surfaces. The trichomes are rich in resin, giving the cannabis plant a rare golden glow. It is the glow that makes Colombian Gold seeds for sale rare to find.

The main reason for crossing the Landrace Sativa was to come up with a strain that will give marijuana users a unique “high” that leaves them happy, energized, and relaxed. Colombian Gold’s energizing effects make it ideal for wake n’ bake in preparation for a busy day ahead. Taking a few munchies or puffs of this cannabis strain would significantly increase your creativity levels. You only need a small dose of this marijuana to unleash the hidden storytelling and socializing abilities. The relaxing effect of Colombian Gold makes it ideal for a movie night.

Colombian Gold is a tall, vigorous hybrid marijuana strain that grows a plethora of side-branches and which has a long flowering period of between 11 and 13 weeks. As it will not be ready to harvest until late November outdoors in the northern hemisphere it is only recommended in this environment in regions where frosts and poor weather will not damage it before this time. Indoor cultivators are strongly recommended to employ an air-filtration system as the odour during flowering is very strong. Indoor yields are in the region of 350 gr/m 2 with outdoor plants producing 450 – 600 gr/plant.

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Colombian Gold is a 75% sativa cannabis plant that was bred from a selection of cultivars found in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia. The indigenous people of this region have cultivated cannabis for many generations and use it as medicine.

The aroma is intensely sweet with a sweet fruity flavour. With THC production measured at 19.3% the effect is very potent, cerebral and, at times, quite psychedelic. Get ready for the ride!