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cloninb marijuana from feminized seeds

Why is this important? Well, as you know, female cannabis plants produce the sticky and cannabinoid-rich bud that most growers are looking for. In contrast, males produce pollen sacs; necessary for breeding, but detrimental to the yield of female plants they breed with.

Even in countries where cannabis itself remains illegal, ungerminated cannabis seeds are often perfectly legal to order, possess, and collect. Starting with seeds will keep you on the good side of the law until you drop them in some soil.


Not only do seeds offer an arguably more satisfying end result, but they also enable growers to start with a fresh batch of genetics. These small packages of DNA house a code that hasn’t been exposed to a poor growing environment or a host of diseases. As we’ll discuss later, though, the same can’t be said for all clones.

Although reputable seed banks offer higher germination rates, not every single seed will leave the soil. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, some are simply duds. For this reason, we suggest starting a grow with several seeds, even if you plan on only raising one plant.

Some growers view starting from seeds as the “pure” way to cultivate weed. True or not, it sure does offer a deep sense of satisfaction come harvest time.

Check your clones daily to make sure they have enough water by checking the bottom of the tray or auto-cloner. To increase humidity, you can spray water on the leaves with a spray bottle. If any clones die, discard them so they don’t cause mold in the rest of the clones and also to give the remaining clones more space.

Cloning cannabis is relatively easy and requires just a few key items:

First, transplant your new weed clones into a more permanent container and medium. Often the grow medium used to house fresh cuttings at the shop will be different than what you use. Also, pests may be present in its medium when you bought it—transplanting your clone to a cleaner space will help mitigate any potential root damage.

Transplanting your weed clones

If you don’t want to mess with seeds, clones can be a great option for starting a marijuana plant. Growing weed from a clone will save you time—even though they need time to root out, you don’t have to germinate seeds, which will shave off a month or so of the growing process.

There is some speculation that clones can degrade over time based on environment stressors and other factors, but that is open to debate.

Mother plants always stay in the vegetative stage as clones are clipped off. It’s important to not take cuttings off a flowering weed plant—this can cause the clone to turn into a hermaphrodite and may also damage the flowering plant.

For more info on cloning setups, check out our Guide to cannabis cloning equipment.

We need legally flying in here to sort this out.

So our question is has anyone else tried cloneing using feminized seeds? What were your results? Has anyone read anything on this subject? or know anything? We are open to your comments or your opinions, please let us know what you have to say on this subject.

Low ryders are hard to clone.


We have ordered some feminized seeds, Tangerine Dream to be specific.
And we would like to clone at least one of them. But a reputable source has shared his knowledge telling us that it is harder to near impossible to clone using feminized seeds.

Either way, I clone all the time from feminized plants from seeds. Never had a hermie in my life (yet).

No. Its just different from a non femmed seed because it came from a stressed mother to produce that seed, meaning you have a high chance of you clones herming from a feminized seed. If you get a non sexed seeds and flower them early then the clones from your females will be all female with less of a chance of going herm because their seeds werent created from stress

Its the only one I could find on the fly, but thats just how its done, I dont know how else fem seeds are made. But when you buy a fem seed, you have much higher risk of it becoming herm. I cant change the way things work. earth is round and fem seeds are produced from stress.