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clementine marijuana seeds

Clementine marijuana is a balanced hybrid that will set you up with a tingling head-to-toe energy before drifting into a gentle relaxation. Overwhelmingly, the effects are bright and euphoric, ideal for daytime use when you need to be active and productive. The optimism is infections – whether you share a smile or a smoke, those around you will be thankful.

Stress and anxiety have nothing on Clementine – the energizing effects burn those uncomfortable feelings away. It can also treat mild to moderate pain conditions and migraines, induce appetite and combat fatigue.


Clementine marijuana is like a ray of sunshine – a burst of citrus flavor on a potent hybrid smoke. Clemintine will bring you energy and happiness, and novice growers will enjoy a moderate yield off these tall, fragrant plants when they treat them to enough warmth and light.

Warning: you may consider swapping out your morning glass of OJ – like a burst of sunshine, Clementine marijuana’s fruity reputation has made this sativa-dominant strain one of the most popular on the market.

It should go without saying that Clementine marijuana smells strongly of citrus – lemons more than its namesake – and the smell alone is enough to spark your senses. A little sour on the tongue, its smoke is creamy and lemony, but more strongly tasting of sweet orange as you exhale.

Its 21% THC level results in a powerful and relaxing effect, long lasting, ideal for relaxing and keeping an active mind.

Clementine Kush from Colorado Seeds is a feminised cannabis plant created from two popular varieties, Tangerine Sunrise on one side, and Gupta Kush on the other. This cross results in a 50/50 hybrid between the fast and compact Indicas, and the world of high yielding sativas.

This variety can be grown using different systems and methods of cultivation, such as topping (apical pruning) to obtain highly branched plants with a multitude of flowers that make it a highly productive strain.

Clementine Kush’s flowering period is 8-9 weeks, during which time it forms long, dense buds of premium quality, producing up to 600g per m2 and more than 600g per plant outdoors. When Clementine Kush is grown outdoors, it can be harvested in mid October.

Its taste and smell are characterised by a Kush base enriched with notes of orange. This terpene profile makes it a perfect option for Kush lovers looking for a top quality earthy flavour with citrus notes.