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clearence marijuana seeds

We started this seed bank with the motto: From breeders for breeders. We aim to develop quality cannabis seeds in a sustainable way at affordable prices. Whether you are just taking your first steps on the path of cannabis cultivation or already have years of experience under your belt: if you order your cheap cannabis seeds online at Marijuana Seed Breeders, this could be the beginning of a beautiful collaboration!

Did you know that aside from cheap marijuana seeds we also offer free seeds as a gift with your purchased products? On all orders, with a minimum order amount of 70 Euro, we offer free seeds! The weed seeds rotate regularly.

Blue Dream

We try to listen as well as possible to meet the wishes of our customers, especially when they are experiencing physical or mental discomfort.

Do you want to know how marijuana plants grow? And would you like to learn more about roots, soil, fungi, and bacteria, then go to our how marijuana plants grow page.

All the products from the Healthy Roots Starter Kit can also be purchased individually. And we can assure you: Once you’ve taken a look at the end result, you’ll know that this small investment was well worth its price!

Our Stock Clearance Sale is where we put stock that has been in our fridge over 18 months. Some of the Cannabis Seeds in this section can be included simply because the packaging has changed and we want to keep things as fresh as possible.

We date every pack of marijuana seeds that goes into our fridge so we know exactly how old everything is. Our Ganja seeds are stored in the most professional way possible. Even seeds that are 5-10 years old that have been stored correctly should still be perfectly viable.

Obviously we cannot offer any guarantees, but at up to 50% OFF you will not find better prices than this anywhere on the Internet.