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cinderella99 x taskenti marijuana seeds

The Afghan Kush strain being basically an Indicia strain affects the body much more than the brain and therefore results in heavy sleepiness or dizziness. It is a euphoric strain and instantly makes its users elated. It is also known to increase the appetite of its users. But, despite all the benefits, the Afghan Kush seeds just after a few hits makes a person’s body extremely lethargic, making it difficult to even move. To add to the same, this strain also results in dry eyes and mouth along with occasional paranoia and dizziness. A few people also report headaches.

In the last decade or so, we have seen marijuana becoming widely normalised in our society especially in the more developed countries in the western. The numerous studies conducted by several of the leading research bodies and the governments of man y countries around the world have found out that there are plenty of medical benefits that are to be enjoyed with regulated consumption of marijuana; it has also been proven to be more powerful and effective than pharmaceutical medication for treating several medical diseases and even in fighting against several different kinds of cancers.


Relieves arthritis: Marijuana also reduces arthritis pain and inflammation and promotes quality sleep.

1) Up to three ounces on their body

The oldest cannabis seed found till date is about 2700 years old and was found in a grave in China.

A sweet and spicy earthiness and a coffee hue will fill any grow space and, once these trees are chopped, dried, and cured up properly, the aromas of these buds are amplified. A hint of a citrus twist can be sensed high in the nostrils, and smoke lingers as a good indica smoke should. The smell is strong enough to entice consumers from down the way to wonder who’s puffing that sweet weed.

To take a micro view of this remarkable strain is to take a peek into the chemical makeup of cannabis itself. What makes all these flavors and aromas and provides the medicinal and recreational benefits of this magnificent marijuana are not just cannabinoids. Mountain indicas, stunning sativas, Skunk, and Jack Herer are some of the donors represented within these flowers. They are full of terpenes which are organic chemicals that bring distinct flavors and therapeutic benefits. Humulene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, amongst many others, are responsible for this strain’s medical efficacy, providing anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-epileptic qualities. These compounds assist in many ways. From cancer-fighting to combating infections to relieving all sorts of pain, Cinderella99 Taskenti is a wicked weed.

Our Cinderella Taskenti seed bank is filled with Female Seeds and Hybrid Seeds, boasting such names as Cinderella99 X Tangilope Fem, Cinderella99 X Kalimist Fem, and Cinderella99 X Early Skunk Fem. We also house a large selection of 710 seeds. These are our best THC seeds, and we have quicker versions of some of the best combos in the world of weed, including Cinderella99 X Blueberry Fast Fem and straight-up Cinderella99 Fast Fem. No matter what type of seeds you are looking for, Cinderella, Taskenti, or otherwise, our vault is sure to have it. Hop on over and create an account, check out our hundreds of rare and highly prized strains and contact us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help you get into growing some green, so waste no time and buy 420 seed from Weed Seeds USA!

Flavors of Cinderella99 Taskenti

To grow this seed is an easy enterprise for growers ranging from beginner to expert. It can yield massive amounts for its size and is designed to please pressured pot people through its relaxing and sedating stone. Recent years have seen the USA opening its heart to the benefit of allowing citizens access to marijuana and marijuana products. Weed Seeds is an America-based collector and distributor of the country’s finest strains and we preserve them for our fellow cannabis-happy Americans to purchase and grow to our heart’s content. If you want a dream-weed that is easy to cultivate and can raze tension and pain to the ground, buy Cinderella Taskenti Photo Fem seeds online in the USA through Weed Seeds and see why we are the best cannabis seed distributor in the United States.

Cinderella99 ganja is one of the most popular strains to hit the streets since Blueberry and the landrace nature of Taskenti, mixed with a little NL#5, make it a true hero of the landrace breeding world. The relaxing and sedating, euphoric, and incredibly dreamy stone is a major selling point of this strain. Consumers all over the world have enjoyed these fragrant flowers. Coffee, mint, spice, earth, and lemon are a trademark of this strain and the flavors match the aromatic adventure. Commercial operations can find mothers easily, take clones for months and start a high-yielding SOG run and, because these seeds are professionally feminized, they’re girls almost all the time.

No matter where you are in this great country, and no matter what your project or enterprise, Weed Seeds has the pips Americans need to get their grow ops off the ground. Though we happily fill smaller, personal orders, we aim our efforts primarily at larger, wholesale, or bulk orders of 100-500 seeds or more. Ordering in this way makes it easy for professional operations to be free of the stress of where to find the next bag, whether or not the distributor can be trusted or whether their seeds are properly stored and viable or not. When you shop Weed Seeds USA to buy Cinderella Taskenti Feminized online, you are shopping with a true professional of the cannabis world. We are trained and experienced in sourcing, selecting, and protecting the country’s superior strains. Let us save you time, energy, and money and get you those returns you’re looking for, through the best cannabis seed distributor in America.

To grow from seed can be a fun, educational, and practical learning experience and these magical Cinderella99 Taskenti Fem strain seeds make sure you get the best start for your home grown marijuana. Aside from the primary nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, secondary nutrients and trace minerals are necessary to your crop’s health. Calcium and magnesium are 2 secondary nutrients that most cannabis plants go through, en masse, so it is imperative to have some sources of these elements around. Boron, zinc, manganese, iron, chlorine, and sulfur are also important for your plants to have access to. When all these necessities are in balance, you will enjoy a much happier cultivation experience. Be sure to start with the best seeds and buy Female Cinderella99 x Taskenti online through Weed Seeds.

When looking to cultivate some cannabis seeds that are similar to the Cinderella99 x Taskenti Fem strain, you’ve come to the right place as i49 has what you need. Check out the following variants which have a lot of similar features with a slight twist.

If you like the sativa effects that Cinderella99 has then give Cinderella99 x Blueberry Fast fem a try. This tasty bud will have your mouth watering with its bright green fan leaves, and sunset yellow pistils, this weed is nothing but fantastic.

This strain is making its name for itself in the medical marijuana world slowly but surely. People who have cultivated or smoked this strain in the past have called this strain Rella Task for short. Or how about Cindy Skenti – that has a nice ring to it too!


A great strain with major medical beneficial effects is Cinderella99 Fast Fem that can put even the most stressed person into relaxation mode. It helps relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, as well as pain relief. Best of all the flowering period takes just fifty six days.

Taskenti Fem has soothing effects that can ease physical pain makes it a perfect combination with Cinderella 99, which holds the mental head high. The two strains together make for restorative benefits that can help patients across the world. For people that suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD have found that this strain gives you a high that counteracts the symptoms of these disorders. Having anti-inflammatory properties as well helps ease the pain for people dealing with migraines, muscle spasm, inflammation, cramps, and even indigestion. For insomniacs, this marijuana has a slow release effect and once that high starts to wear off a good night’s sleep is soon to follow.

Heading towards the more cerebral and euphoric effects, Cinderella99 x Kalimist Fem gives off a balanced high, that is worth the long 10-12 week flowering period. With its high yields and potent nugs, this plant is definitely worth waiting for. The flavors are astonishing as each toke will taste like a freshly squeezed orange juice.;

Whichever dank strain you decide to cultivate, you can be sure i49 will have strong genetics and potent seeds. When you order from i49, any seeds you choose will be there in no time and will not disappoint.