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cinderella99 x tangilope marijuana seeds

A fun and therapeutic strain, Cinderella 99 marijuana seeds offer a sweet and fruity euphoria and fatigue-fighting power and stress relief.

Sure, this strain is a great choice for chilling out with your pens, your paints, or your writing utensils, but creativity and energy aren’t the only good thing about Cinderella 99. While you’re going to want to avoid it before bed, it’s a really good option for people battling the tricky symptoms of conditions like anorexia, migraines, and even cancer treatment! Make like a Disney princess and sing all your cares away.


A powerful, sativa dominant strain, Original Harvest’s Cinderella 99 marijuana seeds develop into a fully feminized, wonderfully fun and therapeutic option perfect for first-timers and pros alike. Whether you’re hoping to get a jump on stress and anxiety, or want a quick, happy option, this glass-slippered strain’s your girl! Kicking in within a mere fifteen minutes (when smoked or vaporized) and one for the “hit it and quit it” list, Cinderella 99 is sure to impress.

But how’s the grow, you ask? Cinderella 99 was simply made for indoor gardens (much like Princess Cindy wouldn’t have held up well backpacking across Europe). Throw a nifty hydroponic system at this girl, and she’ll thank you with an impressive yield and a somewhat bushier body type than you might expect from a sativa. Of course, even the most finicky of princesses enjoys a hot holiday; if you live in a suitably warm, equatorial environment, you could get pretty nice results growing Cinderella 99 outside.

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Like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange with a higher THC count (upwards of 19%), Tangilope marijuana is an aromatic and flavorful way to start your morning with a smile.

Like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Tangilope has a deliciously complex flavor, melding chocolate and hints of orange in a combo that will make your taste buds sing. Tangilope is a perfect addition to your morning routine, especially when you need a little something extra to get the pep in your step and help you begin the day with a smile. Immediately you’ll revel in Tangilope’s euphoric qualities, and you’ll benefit from feeling more productive and efficient over the course of the day. The medical community has discovered that Taniglope’s unique properties have made it an ideal choice for treating chronic stress and depression, as the elation can help boost positive feelings.


A burst of citrus is a great way to start the day, and Tangilope delivers that, and energy, in spades. A 90% sativa hybrid, Tangilope marijuana is a delightful strain that will inspire your creativity as it takes its rightful place among your roster of favorites.

From beginner to master, gardeners of any level will enjoy cultivating Taniglope marijuana seeds. The strain is relatively easy to grow, and in short order, you’ll have characteristically tall sativa plants on your hands. It will only proffer up an average yield, however, but practicing low-stress training techniques may help encourage a bit more bud per square meter after the standard 8-9 weeks in the flowering stage.