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Pineapple Kush descends from legendary parent strains Pineapple and OG Kush. Her indica-dominant genetic profile and high quantities of THC will endow you with an appetite you’ve never experienced. Get ready to raid the fridge.

As one of the most important traits of any strain, taste has a large impact on how much you’ll enjoy a particular batch of buds. Even if you love the effects of a particular strain, if you don’t value the taste, it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy the overall experience.

Somango XL also sends hunger through the roof. Sure, her stoning high fuels the appetite, but the very taste of her fruity terpenes will instantly make you crave a refreshing smoothie or a bowl of juicy melon and mango.


Royal Highness helps to soothe the muscles and relax the body. Much like soaking in a warm bath, this strain reduces tension, increases bodily awareness, and offers an incredible option before a stretching session to really tap into that mind–muscle connection.

Cannabis can soothe both the body and mind. Whether you’re feeling agitated and full of nerves or super sore after a hard workout, several strains can help you feel great in no time.

Starting your day with cannabis can go one of two ways: perfect or unfortunate. The outcome of blazing before you even get out of bed largely depends on the strain you choose to smoke. Some varieties will make you want to put your head back on the pillow, whereas others will prompt you to throw off the sheets, jump in the shower, turn on the coffee machine, and smash all of your goals for the day.

Before heading to a party, load up a bowl of Euphoria for a warm and gentle feeling that will enhance connections with both friends and strangers. This sociable strain packs an equal quantity of THC and CBD. The psychotropic cannabinoid puts the mind in a bubbly and talkative state, while CBD takes the edge off any feelings of nervousness.

Regardless of the shipping method you choose (added stealth or otherwise), your parcel will only display necessary shipping information.

Similar to other seed banks, when paying via credit card you will be charged an 8.5% transaction fee.

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Growers Choice Discounts/Promotions – 3.5/5

If you are shipping to the U.S., all orders will have a flat rate fee of $9.95 and you can expect to receive your order within 7-10 business days.

This is due to the processing fee credit card companies charge and not due to Growers Choice themselves, however this is one of the higher fees I’ve seen.

Additionally, their website features reviews for every strain sold.

One thing I always appreciate when selecting a seed bank is clear information on where they source their seeds and how they are selected.