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cherry hill marijuana seeds

Cherry Hills is a strain that is seriously lacking in terms of the information out there. But what we can tell you is that thanks to its high CBD content, this is a great medicinal option. Cherry Hills is specifically known for its potential to help with mental conditions like anxiety and depression. It could also help with inflammation and pain.

Users report that Cherry Hills creates strong feelings of happiness, focus, energy, and creativity. This makes it perfect for mental conditions like depression, anxiety, ADD, PTSD, and insomnia.

Cherry Hills is one of the lesser-known strains, and thus there isn’t a lot of information available on this one. However, you can find everything there is to know below.

Possible Side Effects of Cherry Hills

However, it still contains too much THC for it to be considered a CBD-only medication. Most countries, including the U.S and UK, require a THC level of less than 0.3% for it to be legal.

Cherry Hills is quite unique when compared to most other marijuana strains available, as its THC level is below 1%.

Typically, CBD induces fewer side effects than THC. Since there is very little THC in the Cherry Hills strain, side effects are minimal.

Cherry Hills has a similar flavor of honey, vanilla, and fruit with a pungent herbal aftertaste. Of course, you can expect to get a slight taste of cherry in there.

Cherry Pie marijuana is not like grandma used to make, although the tangy, sweet aroma may have you doing a double take. An indica-dominant hybrid, Cherry Pie is well loved for its overall cerebral effects, coupled with a body-heavy high that makes it excellent for releasing tensions, stress, and nervousness. Save this tasty morsel for a day spent relaxing with family and friends.

Patients treat Cherry Pie marijuana like comfort food, turning to this sticky-sweet strain for its ability to reduce pain (from PMS, muscle tension, headaches, migraines, and other chronic pain conditions), as well as the happy dose of euphoria and a surge of energy courtesy of its 20% sativa genetics, which can help take the edge of stress and depression, not to mention boosting your appetite, which, along with its mouth-watering aroma, is a useful side effect for patients needing to pack on a few pounds.


It tastes just like the real thing! Well, maybe not quite, but Cherry Pie might have you dreaming of grandma’s house while you sink into the body stone effects that relieve anxiety and tension like no family gathering ever could. Ease PMS symptoms, headaches, and more with this powerful strain.

Cherry Pie feminized marijuana seeds love lots of light, but you want to do more for them than just pop them on a window sill – set them up indoors and these plants will proffer up dense buds, thick with fiery orange hairs and just a hint of purple in about 55-65 days.

For just-out-of-the-oven sweetness that does double duty, order Cherry Pie feminized marijuana seeds now!