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chem marijuana seeds

When you smoke Chem OG, you can taste citrusy lemon notes blended with pine, earthy and wooden flavours, clearly flavours that she got from the OG side of her lineage. From the Chemdawg side, she has the prominent sour taste and the typical diesel notes. Her smoke is intense and flavourful, yet it is pleasantly smooth and delicate on your palate.

Among Chem OG’s many highlights is her appearance: she develops light green to yellow-green leaves and vividly green buds. She contrasts these colours with many orange pistils for a drop-dead gorgeous look. What’s more, her tightly packed nugs don’t just look awesome: they’re covered in thick layers of trichomes.

The breeders at Female Seeds took some of the best genetics America has to offer to make their OG Chem. The good ol’ OG Kush meets the super-potent Chemdawg for a strain that shines with a whole bunch of outstanding qualities.

Chem OG (Female Seeds) feminized

You can expect good growing results whether you want to grow her indoors or outdoors since this girl is pretty low-maintenance. Indoors, she keeps rather short where she reaches a height of 80-110cm. Outdoors, she may get as tall as 150-250cm. Chem OG does well with all sorts of growing techniques and is exceptionally well suited if you want to grow her in a SoG setup. Just make sure you have humidity under control in the final weeks of her 8-9 weeks flowering to prevent mould. You can look forward to excellent indoor yields of up to 600g/m² and about twice that but per plant if you grow her outdoors.

The high that you get from smoking this lady is world-class: she starts you out with a nicely uplifting happy high that is cerebral, creative and stimulating. After a short time, you can feel her indica power kicking in where she relaxes your whole body. Her smoke is potent and long-lasting, but she is not the uber-couchlocker like some other strains. This makes Chem OG an excellent choice to chill and to relax and if you want to get rid of stress.

Female Seeds brings us top American genetics with their Chem OG: This Lady charms you with her intense combination of flavours and a powerful yet awesomely balanced high. This highly productive plant also scores with very good yields!

Chem OG by Female Seeds can deliver whether it comes to her growing traits or the superb quality of her bud. Be assured, you won’t be disappointed with this her!

Instead of reaching for your usual cup of coffee in the morning, you may want to try OG Chem instead! This strain offers all the alertness and awareness coffee has to offer without the jitters or a crash later on. There’s no 2:30 feeling when it comes to this sativa hybrid. Instead, you’ll ride a wave of energy for the majority of the day while feeling relaxed and calm on the inside.

If you can handle the overpowering earthy smell, you’re going to love the endless energy and happiness this sativa-dominant hybrid provides. OG Chem marijuana seeds deliver a perfect “wake and bake” strain.

Veteran smokers are going to love this strain! OG Chem marijuana seeds, a sativa-dominant hybrid, are considered potent and hard-hitting amongst even the most experienced marijuana users. Needless to say, this strain is not for the faint of heart. Those looking for a high-flying cerebral buzz should reach for OG Chem as it promises unlimited energy, creativity, and happiness. OG Chem is the ideal daytime or “wake and bake” strain.


Even though the effects of OG Chem are strong and powerful, it’s rare for users to feel nervous or paranoid during the high. The aroma OG Chem marijuana plants produce may be offputting to some as they come with a stinky and skunky aroma. Growers can expect an earthy aroma that has been known to make some gag.