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channel medical marijuana seeds

This is an exquisite crossing between Big Bud and a carefully chosen Skunk. Channel+ acts like a potent indica with a hint of Skunk. During her veg stage she is sativa-like, with a skinny build and few leaves, but once in flower, the indica comes out. She becomes taller, but remains compact. Channel+ flourishes in any grow system but is ideal for ScrOG. She boasts a powerful aroma and great high, with both mental and physical effects reflecting her high THC and CBD percentages.

Toujours parfait
J’ai souvent planté cette variété et je n’ai jamais été déçue: quasiment 100% de germées à chaque fois, une très bonne production, rien à dire. Envoi toujours rapide et discret. Je conseille vraiment ce site !!

Channel + (Medical Seeds) feminized

Love médical seed
I received the seeds from medical seed very quickly, very well packaged

Channel+ is a great crossing between the famous Big Bud and the glorious Skunk. Needs only up to 50 days of flowering.

good and fast servise

Review: Good strain for beginners, no mould, no fertilizer needed. 55 days of flowering, good yield, its looks like a Sativa and grows like an Indica.

  • Channel + Feminised cannabis strainhas a wonderful aroma and amazing bouquet.
  • These Feminised cannabis seeds are perfect for S.C.R.O.G. cultivation and grows like a Sativa, thin and without many leaves.
  • When flowering Channel + Feminised cannabis plant still grows taller but keeps a compact shape, like an Indica.
  • It is a very fast finisher and is suitable for all kinds of growers and growing systems.
  • Channel + Feminised strain is as brilliant as a mother due to the fast-rooting clones it produces.
  • It has a extraordinary mental effect with a very pleasant physical stone thanks to its levels of cannabinoids.
  • Channel + Feminised cannabis strain ;is used in the medicinal field for treating chronic aches and injuries such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

Channel + Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Medical Seeds

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