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certified high cbd marijuana seeds

In addition to the classic genetics sold by weight and mixed in males and females, we have available selected and feminized genetics such as the Strawberry.
Every trade name always refers to certified genetics, in this case we have only genetics from Carmagnola and in fact this Genetics is declared in the tag.

Thanks to the partnerships with various manufacturers of Industrial Hemp, Canapath wants to remedy this exhausting research by offering the possibility of being able to find certified Cannabis Light seeds throughout the year.
Among the different varieties, the Feminized Seeds of CBD Cannabis stand out, sold with a regular tag issued by Authorized Farm.

The price is much higher than the classic seed, they can range from €3.50 per seed up to €5.00 and the minimum purchase is 100 seeds. The price varies according to the period .

The quality of the Inflorescences produced by these seeds is not comparable to the classic plants because they are seeds specially selected from the best production strains. These are results that can only be achieved over time by isolating the best mother plants.

Thanks to our customers’ feedback and to the information shared by collaborators all over the world, we have discovered that the market is asking for high-CBD cannabis seeds for recreational use as well as for the treatment of certain pathologies or side effects of serious diseases.

We work hard so that all our seeds with high CBD content offer the preserve the distinctive organoleptic properties that one would expect from Dinafem Seeds. It is one of our aims to provide users of cannabidiol-rich marijuana with the possibility to enjoy not only the therapeutic properties of this kind of cannabis but also the pleasure of tasting it, which is ideally done through a vaporizer.

Our Research and Development department has devoted several years to this exciting project that has led to the creation of amazing hybrids such as Amnesia CBD, Dinamed CBD, Cheese CBD, Moby Dick CBD, but to name just a few.

All the cannabis seeds with CBD that Dinafem Seeds has so far created have obtained great results as well as excellent reviews. All of them are part of a new cannabis generation which will make up a range with really valuable therapeutic properties and a moderate effect. We do know our project is complex, but we are fortunate to count with a highly experienced human and technical team that will allow us to succeed in driving this initiative for which we are cooperating with other seed banks and social agents involved in projects related to CBD seeds.

The decision to include a section of CBD seeds in Dinafem Seeds’ catalogue was the result of a natural evolution. That demand became a great challenge to us. However, as usual, we did not hesitate and we took a step forward with the purpose of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, by investigating and developing new CBD-rich products. …