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We Set the Irish standard for trust in CBD Oil We ask every customer for their opinion on our CBD product and services. In this way we are always learning how to improve the benefits & offer the Wild Atlantic Hemp is a family run farm in County Clare, Ireland. We grow cannabis in Living Soil and produce a CBD oil using a solvent free process. We are approved for the processing of cannabis as a food by the Health Service Executive and a registered Health Food Supplement with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland

We Set the Irish standard for trust in CBD Oil

We ask every customer for their opinion on our CBD product and services. In this way we are always learning how to improve the benefits & offer the best CBD Oil products to the people of Ireland.

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About Dr. Hemp Me Dublin

Located in Dublin, Ireland Dr. Hemp Me sets the CBD industry’s gold standard for trust. Customers can expect complete transparency from our CBD products including CBD Oils, Capsules and Cream thanks to extensive lab testing.

Although the CBD industry is quickly expanding, it is still a relatively young supplement on the worldwide market. As a result, many CBD Oil products and their ingredients are untested and created with low-quality substances, which is why our company is built on openness and care.

Metals, cannabinoid concentration, and even chemical and pesticide testing are all done on every batch of our CBD oils. As a result, our CBD customers know exactly what they’re buying and, more significantly, what they’re putting into their body on a daily basis.

Our goal is to deliver CBD products to the people of Ireland swiftly and efficiently as you need them. The sale of our products now stretches further past Ireland into the UK and across Europe. For more information click on the button below.

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Trust & Transparency

We made the decision a long time ago to be as transparent as possible with our customers. This is why we provide independent lab tests for all our CBD oils and guarantee trust on all orders.

Over 800 Cannabis Store Reviews

Starting out in CBD is tough in an unregulated market which is why reviews are so important. Check our reviews by clicking on the icon above and see the effect Dr. Hemp Me has in the market.

Free Next Day Delivery

All of our deliveries within Ireland are next day. If you would like free shipping along with next day delivery just spend over €50.

Free Samples for new customers

We are so confident in our oil we are willing to give free samples to new customers. Please visit our new customer by clicking the icon above.

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Are CBD supplements legal in Ireland?

Yes! CBD oils and all other CBD products are fully legal to purchase and sell in Dublin & all of Ireland. CBD Products are classed as food supplements which means no health claims can be attached to these products or advice be given regarding their use. Think of them as another form of vitamins.

CBD Oils and other Cannabidiol products must contain no more than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content to be seen as legal under HPRA regulations. Of course, all Dr. Hemp Me products contain less than 0.2% THC or none at all, as per regulations.

Where the misconception is made is due to the link between CBD oil and illegal cannabis (marijuana) which has high amounts of THC (sativa & indica strains), far higher the legal limit of 0.2%.

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The effects of our CBD oil means you get all the benefits of cannabis without the high state of mind.

Our CBD products include, CBD tinctures, creams, gummies, capsules, pastes, vape products and even CBD for your furry friend.

As CBD is regarded as a health food supplement, no prescription is required for purchase. Visit our instant chat feature if you wish to speak to customer support. We can answer any questions you may have as a new or returning customer. Please bear in mind we cannot make any health claims about CBD.

If unopened our hemp oil products have a shelf life of 1 – 2 years. Once opened it should be used within 6 months.

CBD Oil Ireland

Irish Full SPectrum CBD oil

Wild Atlantic Hemp

Wild Atlantic Hemp is a family-run farm in County Clare growing Cannabis in Living Soil and producing CBD oil through a solvent-free process.

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Wild Atlantic Hemp Full Spectrum CBD oil 10ml
Wild Atlantic Hemp Full Spectrum CBD oil 20ml
Wild Atlantic Hemp Full Spectrum CBD oil 30ml

Who we are

Wild Atlantic Hemp is a seed to shelf Irish CBD company run by husband and wife team, Daniel Lyons and Laura Jayne Foley. We are dedicated to the development of the hemp Industry in Ireland.

Our farm is located in the West of Ireland, on the pristine Wild Atlantic Way. We see hemp as a crop with the power to revitalise rural communities. Traceability is important to us to ensure our industry’s development. Each product can be traced back to a Department of Health licenced farm.

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We farm with nature and promote regenerative farming methods. We process our oil from Irish grown hemp flowers using a traditional extraction process.

Why choose Wild Atlantic Hemp CBD oil

Our product is a Full Spectrum oil which means it has the full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. It is processed from the botanicals of the hemp plant using a solvent-free process (we don’t use ethanol, hexane, isopropenyl or CO2).

100% Irish grown and processed decarboxylated cannabinoids and terpenes. Our hemp is grown in Department of Health licenced Irish farms ensuring traceability. It Is grown in living soil using regenerative farming practices, this means no pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers.

Our process and facility are HACCP compliant and approved by the HSE for the production of CBD from Irish Hemp. Our product is notified Health Food Supplement with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. All our oils are laboratory tested in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017. (results available on request)

From Our Blog

Navigating compliance in the Irish CBD Industry

The first step in our plan was to trial different varieties of hemp to see what suited our growing conditions on the aptly named Wild Atlantic Way. We grew outdoor, in a couple of poly-tunnels and we worked with farmers to share the knowledge and increase yield and quality. We experimented with different growing methods such as Regenerative farming , using mycelium networks, biochar and microbial teas to feed and protect the plants in a manner which is in balance with our environment.

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