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Start Earning Today With CBD Drop Shipping Program. With Reakiro’s innovative drop shipping program businesses and entrepreneurs can join the booming CBD market. All our CBD products contain natural premium grade CBD, whilst sales from your website come with no cost and no risk Our CBD drop-shipping scheme allows CBDoil.uk to take care of all the shipping for you whilst you work on marketing your business. It works by CBD Oil UK CBD Dropshipping in UK is much easier than you think and can be done in just a few simple steps. If you’re new to the industry and interested click here!

Reakiro CBD Products Drop Shipping Program

Looking to sell premium quality CBD products from your website?

Now is The Right Time to Start a Profitable CBD Dropshipping Business with Us

Reakiro offers consistent reliable Hemp oil and cbd products with no startup costs!

Start Earning Today With Our CBD Drop Shipping Program

With Reakiro’s innovative drop shipping program businesses and entrepreneurs can join the booming CBD market. All our CBD products contain natural premium grade CBD, whilst sales from your website come with no cost and no risk.

CBD Dropshipping Model

How does our CBD Dropshipping Program Work?

Apply to be a Reakiro CBD Dropship Partner. (Click here)

When accepted, we will send you the Dropship price list and commission structure.

Receive Reakiro marketing materials. If you have your own website and just need product data, we will provide you with it.

To join the CBD rush and provide your customers with high-quality and reliable CBD products, partnering with Reakiro is the way forward. Our drop shipping program has been designed to grow your business and its success.

Why Choose Reakiro CBD Dropshipping Program

You sell, we stock, pack, and ship for you
We offer a large selection of CBD products

We offer a large selection of CBD products alongside a highly competitive wholesale price plan. With the Drop Shipping services, this means your business can deliver a wider range without any inventory concerns.

CBD’s quality brand, which is growing by the day

CBD products drop shippers pricing up-to 50% off retail prices

Products are manufactured in the EU

Free shipping for orders over 65 EUR

NO minimum orders Qty

Access to new product lines first

Lab reports available on every batch

No pesticide, no harsh chemicals, gluten-free, non-GMO

Full Spectrum with an amazing cannabinoid profile.

Consistency and quality

Rigorous 3rd party testing at every step

100% Made in the EU

Privately owned with no outside influence

Benefits of drop shipping model of business

All packaging and shipping costs taken care of by Reakiro

Whilst Reakiro takes care of these aspects you can focus on other areas of your business, allowing you to streamline your processes in the best way possible.

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Minimum capital requirements: Probably the biggest advantage of being part of our CBD drop shipping program is that it is possible to launch a large store with hundreds of attractive CBD products without having to invest a fortune in stocking inventory upfront with the risk of certain products not being sold and potentially expiring.

With our program, you don’t buy anything, before you have received the payment from your customer.

Without up-front inventory investments, it’s possible to start a successful drop shipping business with very little money or effort from your side.

What makes Reakiro CBD products better

At Reakiro we pride ourselves in the care we take for optimal customer satisfaction.

All our CBD is taken from phytocannabinoid-rich hemp, which was been sourced and grown in the EU alongside strict regulations that decree non-GMO and pesticide-free.

Quality Control and Laboratory Testing.

One of our primary concerns is the quality of the products that go on the market.

To make sure that there are no compromises with the quality, we test and use our products in specifically designed controlled environments. The laboratories we use are equipped and maintained to the highest industry standards.

Every step of every batch is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality, purity, and safety throughout production. To view our third party reports please click here

All reports are published publicly to ensure a trusting and transparent relationship with our customers.

With our CBD drop shipping offer, you can make your online business more successful.

At Reakiro, we believe in the excellence of our CBD products and services.

By implementing only the highest standards and thorough tests, we retain a high quality of CBD oils and oil sprays, CBD capsules, CBD skincare products, creams, balms, CBD gels, and hemp hand sanitiser.

All of our CBD products can help consumers ease the symptoms of different medical conditions, which is why the demand is going higher and higher.

To apply our knowledge in the best way, we offer assistance and guidance so you can drop ship easily.

As a manufacturer, we want to state that no CBD product is proven to fully cure a particular condition and should not be advertised as such. Such statements can lead to a problem with the jurisdiction of the country you want to sell in.

CBD Dropshipping

Our CBD drop-shipping scheme allows CBDoil.uk to take care of all the shipping for you whilst you work on marketing your business. It works by CBD Oil UK creating you a code you may use to place orders via the store to your own customer’s addresses at a percentage below the RRP.

We offer free UK shipping over £50 using service ‘Royal Mail Tracked 48 Signed For’. Our EU service is priced at £9.99. We ship same day if ordered before 3pm Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

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As an extension of CBD Oil UK, we require all associates to provide a 5* service and always be mindful of the content they produce to promote the brand professionally.

Dropshipping Customer Requirements:

Applicants must have a valid, CBD safe, online payment method live and ready to take payments if you plan to market CBD Oil UK products via an online store or marketplace. No application will progress until this is in place.
Drop-shipper associates must take responsibility for any pre or post-sales support. If a customer complains to CBDoil.uk about any service provided by an associate, the associate’s account may be suspended pending an investigation.

To apply for a CBD dropshipping account, please get in touch through our contact form.

430 Upper Newtownards Road,
Belfast, BT4 3GY,
Northern Ireland
For customer services please visit our contact us page for more information .

CBD Dropshipping

The CBD industry is booming, with users of the popular cannabinoid spanning different countries and demographics. Sellers of CBD products are cashing in on the health craze, with CBD products flying off the shelves faster than ever before. If you’ve ever considered having your own CBD business, but just don’t know how to do so affordably, CBD dropshipping may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Let’s take a deeper look at CBD dropshipping in the UK and why you should consider it for your business.

CBD Dropshipping in the UK

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfilment method where the seller does not keep products in stock, but outsources the storage and shipping of products to a third party.

The order is shipped directly from the manufacturer to the buyer, without the seller handling it themselves.

Can You Dropship CBD?

Currently, it is legal to dropship CBD in both the US and Europe. Dropshipping is a simple method that makes getting into the CBD market much easier. To understand how it works, take a look at the following four simple steps describing the dropshipping process:

  1. Customer places an order online
  2. The store sends the order to the dropshipping supplier
  3. The dropshipping supplier prepares the order
  4. The dropshipping supplier ships the order directly to the customer

This quick and easy process will help you start your very own CBD dropshipping business in no time.

Benefits of Dropshipping for Businesses

A dropshipping business model is ideal for entrepreneurs or startups who want to test out business ideas without significant repercussions, allowing them to learn more about the market and the products they are interested in selling. Here are a few other reasons for considering dropshipping for your business:


Lower startup costs

CBD dropshipping companies don’t have to invest capital in inventory or a location to store it. This means they save on having to hire staff to fulfil orders. They also don’t have to purchase a product unless the customer has already paid for it. All of this means that you can start a dropshipping business even if you don’t have the money to start a traditional business.

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Easy to start

It’s much easier to start a business when you don’t have to deal with or manage a physical inventory of products. With dropshipping, you can cut corners and not worry about things such as – packing orders / shipping orders / tracking orders / dealing with returns. Dropshipping cuts out a lot of the hassle when starting up and gives you time to focus on more critical aspects of your business.


Less risk

Since the business is not committed to selling a certain amount of products from an inventory paid for up-front, there is much less risk involved when starting a dropshipping business or testing new products.



Dropshipping allows your business to operate from anywhere, offer various products, and change offerings at the drop of a hat if needed. As long as you have internet access to communicate with your customers and sellers, you can run your business from anywhere, even from your very own home.


Easy to test

As mentioned above, the biggest benefit of dropshipping is the ability to offer and sell products without committing to buying a large amount of stock. It is especially useful for new businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs, as it is much easier to test what customers want and to do market research with dropshipping.


Low overhead expenses

Overhead expenses are very low with dropshipping, since you don’t have to manage a warehouse or buy stock yourself. Many dropshipping stores are run from homes, using only a laptop and an internet connection, with few recurring costs.



You can easily adjust dropshipping as your business grows. With traditional business models, when you gain an increase in customers or stock, your workload is also increased. However, this is not the case with dropshipping. While there will still be more to manage, there won’t be too big an increase in workload compared to more traditional models.


Offer a wider range of products

Since you don’t need to buy all the products you plan to sell up-front, you can offer a much higher amount of products for sale. If the supplier has an item you wish to sell, simply list it on your website. With dropshipping, even small businesses can have a broad product offering.

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