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USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Blue Lotus offers natural relief and the benefits of the "entourage effect". It looks like someone doesn't like flavors! well, we get it and we have exactly what you are looking for. Our flavorless CBD oil is something you should definitely try.

USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil – By Blue Lotus Botanicals – Natural – 750mg – 6000mg

Blue Lotus Botanicals USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil offers Cannabidiol and other natural occurring cannabinoids and plant components for relief with no additives or artificial ingredients. Full spectrum oils offer the “entourage effect” of all the naturally occurring plant compounds found in cannabis sativa. Our Natural Full Spectrum oil is made with USDA Certified Organic Hemp extract. The strength is consistent from bottle to bottle, so you simply choose the amount you need. Dosing is simple with our calibrated droppers.

Highlights: USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Manufacturer: Blue Lotus Botanicals

Type: Full Spectrum (Less than 0.3% THC) Oil. Full details of the types of products can be found in our Blog.

CBD Strengths: All Blue Lotus CBD Oils are 50mg per ml concentration. The number of milligrams per bottle vary based on the bottle size.

250mg (5ml / 1/6oz bottle

750mg (15ml / 1/2 oz bottle)

1500mg (30ml / 1 oz bottle)

3000mg (60ml / 2 oz bottle)

6000mg (120ml / 4oz bottle)

Flavor: Natural (plain)

Hemp Source: Colorado

Organic: USDA Certified Organic. Read more about this certification process here.

Extraction Method: Evaporative Extraction. This unique, solvent-free process is fast, clean, and preserves the most plant compounds.

Carrier Oil: Organic Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil from Coconuts

Taste: Strong, natural hemp flavor with overtones of roasted nuts

What we love: We designed it and chose the components ourselves, so we love everything about this oil. Firstly, we searched long and hard for the best extraction method for a certified organic full spectrum oil and found Vapor Distilled. Secondly, we have kept the strength consistent. This means no matter which bottle you buy, you get 50mg per ml, which makes dosing easy. Each dropper is marked, so you can see exactly what fraction of a ml you are getting in a dose.

Additional Information

250mg (5ml), 750mg (15ml), 1500mg (30ml), 3000mg (60ml), 6000mg (120ml)

Product Advice and Precautions

Product Advice and Precautions

  • Allergy Caution – Contains Tree Nut Oil (MCT from coconuts)
  • Store in a cool, dry, and dark environment
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or in your car
  • For sanitary purposes, avoid touching the dropper to any part of your mouth
  • Always consult with a medical professional before making any alterations to your diet, especially if you are taking prescription medications.
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  • Servings Per Day
    – Two times a day for relief (morning and night)
    – 3-4 times a day for extreme relief
  • With or Without Food
    – Drops will be better absorbed (resulting in a stronger effect) when taken after a meal containing some healthy fat or oil
  • Suggested Serving Size & Consumption Guidance
    – Use the provided calibrated black bulb dropper, take out 1/4 ml (12.5mg) – 1/2ml (25mg)
    – Place CBD oil under the tongue and leave it there for 30-120 seconds
    – Swallow (wash down with a beverage to help avoid taste)
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Natural CBD Oil | CBD Oil Tincture

Try Our Natural Flavorless CBD Oil.

Blue Key’s Natural CBD oil is just that – natural. It is unadulterated and boasts the light, coconut taste from the coconut MCT oil. Our Natural CBD oil tincture has no food-grade essential oil or additional flavorings. Hemp’s naturally occurring terpenes give the oil all the flavor it needs.

The Natural CBD oil is the perfect choice for someone who likes their CBD oil with minimal ingredients. You can taste a slight hint of coconut oil a little more in our Natural flavor than you would our lemon, orange, cinnamon, and peppermint because of the MCT oil in our tinctures.

In this case, the MCT oil isn’t overshadowed by a food-grade essential oil. This also makes it a great choice for baking CBD infused edibles as it is mild in flavor, especially in a recipe with strong ingredients!

You can also rub on skin, rub in beard, and even sex lubricant! (use your own judgement there)

Like all of Blue Key’s products, our Natural CBD oil tincture comes with a certificate of analysis to ensure your peace of mind when choosing our products. Our products are non-gmo and derived only from hemp grown to the highest of standards.

All of our hemp is grown, processed, and manufactured into our products right here in the United States.

Additional Ingredients

Aside from the CBD/hemp extracted oil; you can find omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and MCT oil derived from coconut oil. Both of these oils have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as providing gut heath, heart and brain support.

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Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Like all of our products, our Natural CBD oil tincture is THC-free. This means you will not feel a “high” when using it. It also means you won’t test positive on a drug screen.

Our oil is what’s known as a “broad-spectrum oil”, meaning it contains CBD and other cannabinoids without the THC. By having a dense cannabinoid profile, the cannabinoids can work together to execute the entourage effect (all working as one).

This is the idea that cannabinoids work better together as a team rather than alone.

CBD oil is 100% legal under federal law and there is no prescription or doctor’s recommendation required to purchase.

How To Take CBD Oil And Dosage?

The full bottle options for the Natural CBD oil are as follows:

Keep in mind, this is the total dosage for the entire bottle. So, a serving size is divided by the entire bottle of 30 servings.

Our serving sizes are classified as one full dropper.

  • 300mg is 10mg per serving of CBD oil
  • 450mg is 15mg per serving of CBD oil
  • 600mg is 20mg per serving of CBD oil
  • 1000mg is 33.3mg per serving of CBD oil
  • 1500mg is 50mg per serving of CBD oil

We recommend starting off with a dropper full once a day under your tonge for 30-60 seconds.

Monitoring your body for a little while. If you feel you need to increase your dose after a time, you can do so slowly and see how your body reacts.

Be sure to give your body adequate time to adjust before drastically changing your dose.

Servings per container: 30

Calories: 9

Calories from Fat: 9

Total Fat: .09 g

Bottle Size: 30 mL

Want To Find Your Natural Passion? Pick Your Strength And Get Ready. Order Now!

Recommended Usage: Shake well before each use. Use once or twice daily as needed. Place under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, and then swallow.

Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness. Store away from humidity, heat, and light. Do not refrigerate. If any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use of dietary supplements and consult your doctor.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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