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Get details and read the latest customer reviews about 10,000MG Full Spectrum CBD oil by Nothing But Hemp on Leafly. 166.7mg/ml CBD Tincture made from organic, GMO Hemp grown in the USA. 3rd party lab tested to ensure purity and potency and manufactured in a ISO 7 certified lab. Comes in 5000mg 30mL, 10,000mg 60mL and 20,000mg 120mL bottles.

10,000MG Full Spectrum CBD oil

In each 1 mL serving, customers can expect nearly 380 mg of CBD variants, 20 mg of CBG, and almost 4 mg of CBC. There are 30 of these servings per 1 ounce unit purchased, and each serving also contains 4 mg of terpenes unique to the the Nothing But Hemp blend.

Each of the Nothing But Hemp tinctures is created in the Midwest using natural and organic hemp material to create one of the highest quality products available.

You’ll love the effectiveness and potency of the Nothing But Hemp 10,000 mg tincture!

High-potency CBD oil unites a variety of users!

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About this brand

Based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, our historic roots of producing hemp is now back in full action. During World War II Minnesota was one the largest producers of hemp in the World. Minnesota partnered with many other states producing hemp textiles and cannabis medicine. Although we are no longer in war, we are in a fight to keep cannabis legal. Nothing But Hemp is playing a vital role in advocating for local & federal cannabis legalization, education, and cannabinoid R & D. We create & source the best Delta 8 THC products and high strength Full Spectrum blends. All of our products are made in the United States and tested by 3rd party DEA-certified lab. We believe in making plant medicine that is safe and products that you can feel.

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We are the only CBD/Delta 8 company that has won the Top 100 Health Care Award from International Forum on Advancements in Health Care 2021.

Nothing But Hemp owns multiple product brands which include Delta 8 World, Nothing But Hemp, Forbidden Fruit, Rasta Hemp Co, Plant Diva, Hemp Paws, and Minnesota Nice Hemp Co.

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166.7mg/mL CBD Tincture | 5000mg 30mL – 10,000mg 60mL – 20,000mg 120mL

Our flavorless CBD oil tinctures consist of CBD Isolate and MCT oil. The tincture has one of the most pleasant experiences with no harsh, earthy taste. Tinctures range in strength from 250mg up to 20,000mg of CBD.

FLAVOR: Flavorless

STRENGTH: 5,000mg (166.7mg/ml) | 10,000mg (166.7mg/ml) | 20,000mg (166.7mg/ml)

SIZE: 30mL | 60mL | 120mL






When you buy from CBD Lion, you are buying only the highest quality CBD products. We only sell the finest hand-crafted CBD oils and tinctures.

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CBD continues to be researched and studied for the potential benefits hemp has to offer. May be beneficial in helping with:

This is not a replacement for professional medical care. If taking medications, pregnant or lactating please consult a medical professional before use. These statements and products have not been evaluated or tested by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

• Sublingual: Shake well before use. Place 1 dropper under tongue for 1 minute swallow leftover liquid. (Or use desired dosage)

• Edible: and flavorless, put 1 full dropper on food or protein shakes and smoothies. (Or use desired dosage)

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