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cbd mexican marijuana seeds

Perhaps the CBD Mexican Gold Fem strain is not quite what you are searching for, but do not worry. There are a lot of other strains that may better suit your needs, including several alternatives with similar genetics that may meet your need.

Another option is the Auto Kush CBD fem strain. With CBD levels around 14% and THC only 7%, this strain is most applicable for therapeutic use. Relief from tension, pain and anxiety are just some of the benefits of the use of this diesel and citrus scented bud.

It is not only possible, it is preferable, to grow these beauties outdoors. A warm, sunny and temperate climate will serve these plants best and help them flourish to their full potential. Make sure to harvest in mid to late October to avoid the plants being harmed by the shift to colder temperatures and frost. Expect to be collecting about 17-24 ounces per plant, which is a serious yield that means business! A lot of places where cultivation of pot is legal require you to keep the plants out of the public eye and as has been mentioned, these babies grow to be pretty tall, and also have a pungent odor, so make sure to find a secluded garden plot to keep them away from prying eyes and nosey neighbors.


Gold Leaf fem is another great option. This is an indica dominant hybrid that offers high levels of CBD and THC. Its sativa genetics contribute to the plant’s impressive height. After 9 or 10 weeks of flowering, expect a hefty yield of pungent, diesel scented buds.

While there are benefits from using this strain that appeal to the recreational user, the dominant application of this bud is for medicinal purposes. The CBD enriched strain may offer relief to a myriad of psychological and physical health challenges and it is known to have anxiolytic and antidepressant properties that make it a potential support for symptoms of depression and anxiety. Its general uplifting qualities make it a good choice for these struggles as well.

CBD Diesel is another 1:1 CBD to THC strain with levels around 5-8%. The flavor profile is a bit different, with notes of sweet berry and tangy grapefruit, but the effects are similar. It is great for applying to medical issues such as mood disorders and inflammatory pain.

These beauties will flower in just a short 8 to 10 weeks, and you will be able to enjoy their delightful medicinal benefits.

Mexican is a very potent strain as it came from powerful landrace parent strains. It is a hybrid strain that will give you a wonderful high and impressive results. You can grow this indoors or outdoors, as long as the climate is sunny and warm. It will bless you with generous yields with buds oozing with rich resin and delicious THC. You’ll surely grow this strain over and over again.

It promotes energizing and mid uplifting sativa high, which surely satisfy recreational activities with its high potency level soaring about 23% maximum. Yet this blend of sativa influences is flawlessly incorporated with high CBD levels that demonstrate a distinct capability to procure treatment and medical care extents to make the existence of human more functioning.


Expertly derived from legendary landrace of Mexican Haze strain that uniquely furnishes pungent and haze scent, which rather intensified kicks of an extraordinary variety of earthy, citrus, and sweet terpene flavors. The combination of highly abundant CBD strain makes the strain more promising in delivering high therapeutic potentials.

A very easy strain to grow, she is capable of providing a successful growth rate among amateur growers. No reported hassles and issues pertaining to cultivating the seeds for both indoor and outdoor locations and pledges to produce a hundred percent of females by the verge of the germinating cycle.