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cbd jack herer marijuana seeds

Named after the cannabis activist and writer of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, the Jack Herer cultivar has come a long way indeed. It has parented many other excellent varieties, including the medicinal variant known as CBD Jack Herer which are available as feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Once it’s lit up, CBD Jack Herer fills the room with a citrus, pine and pepper aroma with subtle floral nuances. Although delicate, the fragrance lingers for ages. Since it’s not too overpowering, even newbies love it.

CBD Jack Herer Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Although it contains a noticeable twist of Indica, this cultivar doesn’t cause couch-lock. It creates a feeling of general wellbeing in which tightness and tension seem to evaporate into thin air.

First-timers are prone to smoking more than they should. It’s a great tasting strain, so over-consumption is not unheard of. If too much is taken, headaches or dizziness may occur and, even worse, you may experience anxiety or paranoia. To prevent these symptoms from manifesting, take one puff at a time, with a couple of minutes in between.

This great all-rounder is incredible when it comes to keeping users awake and focused. Pumped up with inspiration and great ideas, you’ll be all prepped to impress, and you’ll feel physically active yet calm.

Harvest times of CBD Jack Herer vary depending on the method you employ to grow. However, the flowering time of seven to nine weeks does not change. No matter the time frame you will delight in watching this beauty bloom. The trichomes can get so thick along the sugar leaves and buds that they take on a look of being dusted with confectioners sugar. The buds grow long and densely packed. This strain is truly a treat to grow at home.

The common consensus on the flavor of CBD Jack Herer is a soothing sense of sage. Smokers who are very familiar with the strain liken it to the taste of the air around a freshly cut hay field.

Flowering Time

Jack Herer x Skunk fem achieved a much higher THC content of twenty four percent by crossing Jack Herer and Skunk. Sativa dominant and true to its parents, delivers a strong sense of happy euphoria with a creative buzz that lasts for some time. Peppery and minty flavors tie in with a fruity aroma to make it a very pleasant smoke. This hybrid is often referred to as J1 or Jack Skunk. A grower’s dream, it is easy to grow and produces large yields, inside and outdoors.

Jack Herer himself was a near super hero to a great many individuals and one of them had the forethought to make the strain super by crossbreeding Jack Herer x Superskunk Fem. This sativa relaxes away tension, pain and anxiety while generating creative energy and happy thoughts and is great for any time of the day except bedtime. A full on flavor smash up of lemon, pepper and oranges with aromas of skunk and pine make for a highly enjoyable experience.

Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer fem is one of those strains that just needed to be and we’re all grateful for it. Both parent strains seem to get their time to shine when smoking this strain. Starting with the familiar Jack Herer happy, creative and energetic sativa buzz before slowly fading away to a profound indica effect that puts smokers into the couch for snacks and naps. This is definitely not a strain for the inexperienced to overuse with a massive potential THC content of thirty percent. Consider it a one hit and quit strain until you know it’s full strength.

CBD Jack Herer is known for its long-lasting psychedelic, up-beat, and energetic high. The indica levels help to keep you grounded and relaxed without any anxiety. The medicinal value of CBD Jack Here is known for being effective at relieving stress and anxiety. The high hits quickly and provides great creative energy while promoting a sense of well being.

CBD Jack Herer Seeds produce plants with so much resin that even the branches glisten with crystals. High Times wrote: “The bud was heavy with crystals and resin, the high was immediate and cerebral. An excellent strain”.

CBD Jack Herer seeds are a new hybrid cannabis plant that is the result of many years of selective breeding. The original Jack Herer strain combed 3 of the strongest varieties known to man. This iconic weed strain was then crossed with a high CBD strain.

Characteristics of the Jack Herer Strain

CBD Jack Herer seeds are a new hybrid cannabis plant that is the result of many years of selective breeding, combining 3 of the strongest varieties known to man. This iconic weed strain was then crossed with a high CBD strain, resulting in an excellent 1:1 medicinal strain with equal parts THC and CBD.

Unfortunately, the exact genetics were never released to the public, however, the smoke shows hints of sativa haze characteristics with a sweet, skunky taste…. these seeds produce phenomenal weed plants and this Jack Herer seeds strain is one of our favorites!