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Who Would Have Thought Candy Could Be Good For Your Health

CBD Candyland is a sativa strain created by two wonderful, legendary strains. It has enhanced taste and smell, making it one of the most stimulating strains. It is a hybrid with high THC and enhanced CBD. It is a versatile plant as it can be grown in any environment, indoors or outdoors.

Additional Information

Candyland is a Sativa dominant strain produced by crossing Grand Daddy Purple and Platinum Cookies. Meant to serve as a way to enhance the taste of a very stimulating strain of weed, this hybrid offers even more than just its sweet and earthy flavor. Often, this breed of marijuana is a good strain to pick up for any social gathering, and with the addition of CBD into its genes, it reduces the impact of THC into the mind, thus lowering any chances of anxiety or paranoia. This is a highly suggested strain for newbies who want to experience the mind-boggling high with getting overwhelmed by the effects.

The calm and relaxing vibe you get from smoking this weed allows for a more subtle experience. Growing CBD Candyland is a lot easier to do than most Sativas. A very versatile plant that thrives in a different environment, this strain is best for beginners who want to learn the art of marijuana cultivation specifically for a Sativa breed.

You probably aren’t going to start your day with a handful of candy, but adding a toke or two of Candyland marijuana to your morning routine will really put a spring in your step! Considered one of the best pick-me-up strains on the market, the sweet smell and even sweeter cerebral high (powered by 24% THC) will have you singing a happy tune all day long.

Candyland is an ideal cannabis strain if you need to wake and bake; expect to feel instantly relaxed and happy in an infectious way that makes time with friends all the more fun. The balanced hybrid is also popular among artists and creatives, who are delighted to find their imaginations as energized as their smiles. Candyland cannabis has become equally popular among patients hoping to manage chronic stress and anxiety in a natural way. Physicians have prescribed it for depression, PTSD, and chronic fatigue.


Popular among medicinal and recreational marijuana users, Candyland marijuana is a sweet cerebral hybrid with a soaring THC content that will have you smiling all day long.

The expectations are high with a name like Candyland and the strain does not disappoint in the flavor/aroma department. On the nose, it is rich with fresh pine cones and herbal sweetness. On the tongue, it’s all fresh berries and pine, with a strong fruity finish for a well-rounded and indulgent strain that belies its THC levels.

Candyland cannabis seeds take after their sativa genetics, producing tall plants that are easy to grow and are known to offer up an above-average crop of dense buds. With bright green trichome-covered leaves that sometimes boast purple hues, the hybrid takes about 8-9 weeks to complete flowering before it’s ready for harvest.