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cbd black domina 1 1 marijuana seeds

The seeds are feminized, something that’s very beneficial for less experienced growers. All the plants they produce will flower like females, which means there’s no need to identify and remove unwanted male plants.

Growth pattern of Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid with CBD genetics. This CBD influence is evident in the resulting effect, though the scent and taste are more in-line with the parent plant, Black Domina.

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Launched under a code number as part of the first Sensi Seeds Research project in 2019, this strain proved to be such a hit with our cannabis community that we chose to add it to our permanent Sensi Seeds catalogue.

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid. It has a THC / CBD ratio of 2:1, thanks to its gene pool, which includes an undisclosed CBD strain. This strain grows to average heights, and produces very large yields. It thrives in temperate and continental climates, and its effect is relaxing and somewhat cerebral.

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized cannabis seeds are a sativa / indica hybrid. Like the mother plant (our own Black Domina), the plants have a striking dark green colour, and have been developed using an undisclosed CBD strain. This has resulted in a THC / CBD ratio of 2:1.

Effect, taste, and smell of Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized

High-CBD strains are fast becoming the most sought-after weed at dispensaries, and breeders are constantly tweaking and perfecting new and exciting variants. One of the most delicious is CBD Best Mango Fem.Legend has it that a hippy created Mango in the 1960s by crossing KC 33 with Afghani. It is a slightly Indica-leaning hybrid famous for its tropical flavor of luscious ripe mangoes and zesty lemons. The original exerts a happy, energetic buzz with a touch of relaxation, but by adjusting the CBD level to be the same as THC (15%), this one produces a mellower effect.

This strain is highly resistant to most pests and diseases, but it will benefit from occasional pruning and trimming like most bushy Indicas. Mold and mildew can hide in the plant’s nooks and crannies, especially where moisture tends to accumulate. By removing the non-essential leaves and stems, better airflow is introduced. Another way to prevent humidity buildup is to ensure proper ventilation in the growing area.

That being said, this strain can also be grown in soil. A high-quality, nutrient-rich organic soil


CBD Black Domina, the same as the original version, is most popularly used as a relaxant. It creates a tranquil state that can soothe tension and calm the mind and body. A mild euphoria will be felt, but this is different from the mind-bending effect sometimes caused by high-THC marijuana. You will not feel jumpy or overwhelmed, allowing you to function normally and go about your daily activities.

To bump up the yield, employ the Sea of Green (SOG) low-stress training (LST) method. Cluster several plants together and expose them to powerful 600-watt HPS or LED lamps on an 18 to 20-hour cycle. This encourages more vigorous and rapid vegetation in preparation for bud production. When harvest time rolls around, you will be able to collect 400 to 600 grams (14 to 21 ounces) of usable bud per square meter.

The best place to grow CBD Black Domina 1 to 1 Fem is a grow room, tent, or greenhouse. They let the grower control every aspect of the environment. It is less complicated to maintain the optimum temperature, which is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius (70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit). As for the relative humidity (RH), it should remain within the 40 to 50% range.

One more sumptuous treat is CBD Blueberry 1:16 Fem. The original strain was hailed as the Best Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in the year 2000. It delivers a refreshing and relaxing experience, along with the irresistible flavor of blueberries and vanilla. Breeders knew that these characteristics would be stellar in a therapeutic bud, so they created Blueberry CBD. It reduces stress and anxiety and has strong antispasmodic properties that could treat epilepsy and muscle cramps, but without the psychotropic high.

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Satin Black Domina CBD produces a pleasurable soothing effect combined with a touch of euphoria. Her aroma is fruity and spicy, with notes of hash, and her flavour showcases shades of pepper, blackberry and earth.

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