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cbd black diesel marijuana seeds

With an exceptional genetic from its lineage of NYC Diesel and a mixture of strain with CBD-rich compound, there is no doubt that the strain CBD Black Diesel is a legend in the making, taking all the recognition from prestigious award-giving bodies. Aside from its natural composition, it is also loaded with an alluring structure that produces a great number of purple buds oozing with Sativa high resins. With the least amount of THC percentage, the CBD Black Diesel may not be appealing for recreational users for its inability to generate psychoactive impacts.

Black Diesel Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high levels of CBD. This comes with 8% CBD and 8% THC levels, and thus, it will make you feel energetic, euphoric, talkative, and uplifted. It is used for the treatment of seizures, fatigue, migraines, stress, depression, arthritis, and anxiety.

More About CBD Black Diesel

However, 8% of CBD components of the strain are remarkable among medical users with its outstanding assistance in delivering relief from pain, vomiting, nausea, and significant improvement of immunity. It also broadens its valuable capacity in the lessening of seizure attacks and facilitates its total absence. Loaded with a pungent, skunk, and earthy terpene profile are an enormous addition to its overall characteristics.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation, the strain possesses a very short vegetation phase and can perform very adequately using different techniques in growing. If vegetation is extended, the strain could reach a triple size and may generate up to 800 grams harvest. Within a quick period of flowering, the strain is expected to thrive into a tall plant without imposed demand for maintenance and attention. With this, it can be appealing for novice growers to thrive with ease and effortlessly.

Award-winning Cannabis Strain with Bountiful Yield

CBD Black Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa strain with high CBD at 8 percent and very minimal THC at only 8 percent. It is a heavy yielder despite its small size. It can produce from 700 to 1000 grams of yield per plant outdoors. This is an energetic, euphoric, talkative, and uplifting strain that can relieve anxiety, depression, fatigue, seizures, and stress.

Additional Information

CBD Black Diesel has an equal THC and CBD ratio of 1:1. It’s greatly known for winning different Cannabis Cup awards. It’s favorable for pro smokers due to its fuel-like scent with a fruity flavor with a euphoric buzz.

Every cannabis grower will love growing this cannabis strain because it produces a high yield, so expect an abundant harvest. When grown indoors, the room temperature should be about 21 to 26°C as it needs warmth for proper growth and best results. When it comes to appearance, it has compact colas with deep purple color. The seeds grow and turn into coal-like buds, which makes it a wonderful cannabis plant in your garden. CBD Black Diesel is a bountiful cannabis strain in this modern-day, giving every grower unique herb.

The Indoor flowering period will last nine to ten weeks wherein after you can collect as much as 450 to 550 grams of its yield per square meter. For greater yield, you can grow it outdoors for an average of 700 grams for each plant and 1200 grams at most. Outdoor harvest season is during the fall in October.

It is also a great strain for socializing. You will feel the need to share insightful and creative ideas with the people around you. On the other hand, some of these conversations will veer towards silliness and devolve into giggle fits and laughter.

Indoors, the optimal temperature for CBD Black Diesel Fem is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius (70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit). As for the growing medium, soil is better because a hydroponics system tends to raise the RH. Maintain the RH at 40 to 50% to keep moisture-related diseases away.

CBD Black Diesel is an energizing and mood-lifting strain, but due to the 8% CBD content, it is not likely to produce a jittery or nervous feeling. This makes it appropriate for treating anxiety-related issues, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It may also ease depression and chronic fatigue syndrome because it can fight off blue moods and lethargy.


High-CBD strains are becoming more sought-after, and breeders have responded by coming up with some pretty delicious variants. One of the most luscious is CBD Best Mango Fem. Legend has it that a hippy created Mango in the 1960s by crossing KC 33 with Afghani. It is a slightly Indica-leaning hybrid famous for its tropical flavor of juicy ripe mangoes and zingy lemons. The original exerts a joyful, energetic buzz with a touch of relaxation, but by tweaking the CBD level to be on a 1:1 ratio with THC, this version produces a mellower effect.

Another balanced strain is CBD Chemdog #4 Fem. The unedited Chemdog #4 is a rare Indica-dominant phenotype resulting from Sour Diesel and OG Kush’s interbreeding. It combines relaxing and uplifting effects with anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it is an exceptionally striking plant with light green foliage overrun by apricot-colored pistils. From a distance, it looks like an orange creamsicle. Just like CBD Black Diesel, both THC and CBD levels top out at 8%.

Apart from that, the other negative reactions are minor and easily mitigated. As with all marijuana strains, you will experience cotton mouth and dry, bloodshot eyes. Dryness of the mouth and throat can be remedied by drinking some water – not caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. Dry eyes can be relieved by over-the-counter moisturizing eye drops such as artificial tears.

CBD Black Diesel, just like its progenitor strain, is most popularly used as a wake ‘n bake. It will give you an energy boost to sweep away the doldrums and get you ready to face the day. This buzz is quite subtle and will not make your mind race. Instead, it is simply a gentle push to help you out with your to-do list.