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They also represent the first hurdle to growing a pot plant: getting them to germinate.

Cannabis is not only legal to possess and consume now, but also to grow.

Fuller started with just two seeds, because they're expensive and she's new at growing pot plants.

Follow along as the Homestretch sets out to produce cannabis from scratch

Step 1, it turned out, is to soak the seeds in a glass of water for no longer than 16 hours, which should have brought out tap roots.

"The original Hindu Kush plant was pure indica, which is one of the two strains of cannabis," she added.

"Indica strains of marijuana are usually thought of as the physically relaxing or sedating kind of stuff people use to relax before bed or to chill out while watching a movie.

So the question might be, for those who like homegrown adventure, how green is your thumb?

"I want to see cannabis growing openly from coast to coast," Larsen said in a statement.

He said his goal was to "refamiliarize themselves with the pleasant effects" of the substance.

He's handing out weed seeds in Calgary as part of his OverGrow Canada tour

If ever there was anyone who has earned the title Johnny Cannabis-seed — it's Dana Larsen.

Over 1,000 Cannabis Seeds for <a href="">@DanaLarsen</a> 's Over Grow Canada Tour. <a href="">@CropKingSeed</a> <a href=""></a>&mdash;@420toronto

"The exact same thing happened in Kelowna and Edmonton, but we were able to secure new locations."

Spokeswoman Heather Holmen could not say whether cannabis seeds are currently illegal or whether head shops selling cannabis seeds would be denied retail cannabis licences. She also could not comment on individual applications, but said of almost 800 applications received so far, none are on hold.

According to the Edmonton Police Service, there are no charges under the Criminal Code that apply to cannabis seeds.

She said she thought the seeds were legal to sell — they were included in a line of products she was encouraged by head office to supply. Concerned about the status of her licence application, she has since pulled the seeds from her shelves.

Legal or illegal?

She said other Jupiter locations, as well as many head shops in Alberta, sell CBD products and cannabis seeds. If that poses a hurdle to obtaining a retail cannabis licence in advance of legalization, she wondered how those already working in the cannabis accessory industry will have a chance in the legal market.

An Edmonton head-shop owner is worried her application for a retail cannabis licence could be in jeopardy because of confusion surrounding the legality of cannabis seeds — a product she has sold for years.

Houtstra said her situation highlights the confusion among various levels of law enforcement and government as to what is currently legal.

"They did [say] your application could be denied because of this action. I was beyond irritated, I was mad."