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casey jones medical marijuana seeds

This marijuana strain is beloved by growers and smokers for its large crops and high effect. The clone used to make these seeds was selected by Connoisseur Genetics, a seed bank famous for its high quality selections on many strains, such as the Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze cut.

Coming from a Train Wreck x Sour Diesel x Thai cross, Casey Jones can show some phenotypic variations on its floral structure and taste, that can be more fruity or Diesel, but its unique nature is easy to feel in each plant.

Casey Jones is a 60% Sativa – 40% Indica cannabis hybrid, created by Greatfulhead and available here as feminized seeds thanks to The Devil’s Harvest seed bank. A quick flowering and high yielding genetics, with a clear and peaceful high, intense and uplifting. Get it now in AlchimiaWeb.

Casey Jones’ yield can reach more than 600gr/m2 of long and thick buds made of big calyxes, and produces a complex aroma, mixing floral and earthy notes with fruity, Diesel and organic hints.

Quickly perceptible, the effect of this strain is entertaining and inspiring, without being hyperactive, but more quiet and happy.

Casey Jones, named after the famous railroad engineer, is a great cross of Trainwreck, Sour Diesel and Thai Genetics. Originally developed by the world renowned grower by the name of ‘Greatfulhead’, they are now available from Devil’s Harvest Seeds in a superb feminized form.

Though mainly Indica, she offers a smooth, uplifting high typical of a Sativa variety. Casey Jones is known for its high yields of exceptional resin-soaked buds. Recognized as a fast flowering specimen, Casey Jones flowers in the space of around 8 weeks or so.

Casey Jones (Devil's Harvest Seeds) feminized

Developed by the expert cultivators at Devil’s Harvest Seeds, Casey Jones Feminized proves itself as a high yielding talent with a sensational buzz. Made up of a trio of top notch strains, she mixes Train Wreck x Sour Diesel x Thai into one amazing Indica-strong specimen; that should not be overlooked. Boasting a short flowering period of 8 weeks, she powers right through to the finish line.

Backed by amazing genetics, Casey Jones emerges as well-rounded strain; bursting with tons of energy and vigor. Regardless of whether your a cannabis connoisseur, cash crop cultivator or a budding newcomer, Casey Jones always manages to impress.

As previous mentioned, Casey Jones is a Indica-dominant specimen, this translates to a smooth and full-bodied buzz of substantial duration. Users can also expect to feel instantly uplifted, rejuvenated and upbeat, thanks to her Sativa undertones. Shared among friends, Casey Jones makes for a relaxed evening of pleasant chatter.