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cannot germinate marijuana seeds because nicotine on fingers

There are numerous ways to move your cannabis seeds from point A to point B without damaging them. Below are a few techniques involving common household items.

The initial thought, when asked whether it is ok to touch cannabis seeds with bare hands, is of course! Why wouldn’t it be? Well, it depends on who you ask, but you could be causing irreversible damage, especially if you decide to store the seeds long term.


When a seed fails to germinate, people usually assume it is bad luck or poor genetics, but their could be another reason – us.

A lot of growers and breeders dispute this as a myth, stating they grow cannabis seeds they have touched without a problem. Whereas if you talk to biologists and botanists, they will tell you that in their expert opinion, oils do have an effect on seeds, especially in the long term.

Disposable gloves put your hands in close contact with cannabis seeds. This will give you much better control and more sensory feedback than a sheet of kitchen towel. They enable you to move all of your fingers individually and much more efficiently than any other method. They don’t quite have the accuracy of tweezers, but they do make handling multiple seeds at a time a lot easier.

Such activities are subject to federal prosecution.

Ruderalis is a ditch weed found in Europe with low THC content. The marijuana we’re familiar with is indica and sativa. Indica has higher CBN (a type of cannabinoid) content, which relieves pain and makes you lethargic. Sativa has the highest psychoactive content, is energizing and provides lucid thought. Most everything available today is a hybrid (and) carries the characteristics of both indica and sativa.

A: Most grow boxes are $200 to $400, but if you want one with HVAC temperature-control capabilities, it’s pretty pricey — close to $1,000. You can find grow boxes at most local hydroponic stores or grow shops.

Getting to harvest

Answer: A big thing to remember with marijuana plants is that they need to flower to produce THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical that gets people high) and other medicinal cannabinoids. In order to do that, they need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness a day.