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can you use seedo for marijuana

Along with the Seedo, you’ll also get a full growing kit that includes one nutrient package, two CO2 cylinders, one rockwool grow slab, an air filter, a water filter, and the app, which can be run on iOS or Android devices.

The website for Seedo isn’t too far off from something you might have seen at the Home Depot. Their main product is a hermetically sealed grow box controlled and managed by artificial intelligence, employing machine learning technology, computer vision algorithms, and wholly enclosed systems including advanced lighting systems to nurture plants like herbs, flowers, or vegetables.

The industry is now using artificial intelligence and machine learning to grow pot, and Seedo even has a machine-learning agronomy database, similar to Tesla’s shared cloud database, which teaches all the Seedo grow boxes out there how to best grow high yielding and happy crops and share that data with other Seedo machines. That’s kind of a trip, so to speak.

I moved to California recently from Colorado. It occurred to me, as it probably has occurred to you by now, that you could grow more than basil in these nifty little boxes.

It’s a little bigger than a mini-fridge; it weighs about 90 pounds or so before plants, uses 0.24 kilowatts per hour of power, and is around 40 inches high and 25 inches wide. The Seedo’s nutrition system was developed by a dedicated agronomist, and created especially for hydroponic growth within a relatively compact size. Owners will also be able to order extra consumables, such as CO2, nutrients, etc., from an online store that’s currently under construction.

For parental types, it also comes with a child lock that can only be locked or opened by the mobile app, which also keeps your crops safe from any other prying eyes.

Why the app? In addition to monitoring things like water levels, you can literally watch your weed grow, in high definition no less. The device can grow up to five plants at once, and self manages everything your typical gardener might, including the climate, lighting and nutrient parameters to produce a significantly larger yield than traditional grows can produce. The Seedo also drastically speeds up grow times, while a successful operation can also be maintained in a small space — no more growing ditch weed under florescent lights in a closet in your basement.

Plants in Seedo are grown from their own containers with a nutrient-dense growing medium that must be replaced every cycle. Seedo also gathers info and data about the plants it grows, which it then uploads to a cloud to continually improve results (the owner and unit’s information are not included in the data).

Having recently completed its first trial run, Seedo uses its own algorithm to detect the plant’s ideal water, fertilizer, and temperature levels in order to maximize its yield. The robot takes images of the plant throughout its growth, allowing it to alter the conditions within to optimize the growing process.

Want to grow your own – at home or on Mars? Seedo is available for purchase in select U.S. states and in Canada. Although it’s not cheap. The unit retails for about US$2,200.

Want your own, tiny grow? Meet Seedo, the weed-growing robot Back to video

Meet Seedo, the mini-fridge-sized robot that can produce between 100 and 120 grams of dried cannabis in 90 days, sans pesticide.

The robot takes images of the plant throughout its growth, allowing it to alter the conditions within to optimize the growing process. Photo: Facebook

Looking for a robot friend? Think R2D2 would have been way cooler if you could grow weed inside of him? Israel’s got you covered!

Seedo’s creators hope it will be used in the future on a much larger scale to grow food in geographical areas with poor soil or a difficult growing climate – or even, ambitiously, to eventually colonize other planets.