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can you start marijuana seeds that had moldy seed coatings

When you open a seed that has been infected by fungus, the seed will have rotted and has turned into a soft, yellowish liquid.

Many cannabis growers are still pre-germinating cannabis seeds in a glass of water or with the “paper towel method”. In the first case they would pre-soak the seeds in water for some days and in the second they put seeds between wet paper towel sheets and have them germinate there.

A common cause for failed germination is when the substrate became too dry at some point. You can check whether this was the case when you crack open the seeds. An indication that the seed needed more water is if the embryo looks healthy, white and firm. If you tried to germinate outside, you should also consider whether frost may possibly have stopped germination.

Cause: High Temperatures

In those cases where the seed started out normal and developed a tap root, but then stopped growing, fungus can also be a reason for this. But it is also possible that the seed was killed by high temperatures, such as when you used a heat mat and you set it at a too high temperature.

The drawback with these pre-germination methods is that they are very error-prone. The potential problems from these methods like fungus growth or damage to the sensitive tap roots when moving the seed to a new medium are normally outweighing their supposed benefits. Good quality seeds don’t normally require pre-soaking, whether it’s in water or with wet paper towels so that it is recommended that you don’t use these methods. Have your seeds germinate in their final pot, which helps keep your risk down for a higher chance of germination success.

There can be many reasons for a fungal infection like poor soil quality, incorrect pH, overwatering, high humidity, poor air circulation or cold temperatures.

The other possibility is that seeds started out alright at first, the seeds cracked open and the tap root appeared but growth stopped.

OG4U&ME – Moldy Seeds? How were you trying to germinate them? It sounds like they weren’t ripe/dry/clean.

ive always heard as long as they are mature they should germ as soon as there pulled ? except for the occasional rare strain that may take a few months to a year before it will germinate. but then again im having trouble germinating my seeds, in witch i just grew over a couple thousand lol :headbang

Give them some more time (never used a fridge but the idea makes sense) and I wouldn’t worry just yet.


I got 100% germ on my last batch (Jiffy pellets). Only difference this time was I gave the girls more food and waited till the nugs where dry to get the seeds.

I have seen sprauting seeds on a newly harvested outdoor plant, that was a fertileloking sight, anyway i normaly wait a harvest(3 month).

One of the seeds didn’t do anything for a week. I dug it up and cut the tip open with a razor. 2 days later it was above ground doing it’s thing. :banana: