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can you grow legal marijuana seeds in canada

Although Saskatchewan has no provincial online retailer, several Saskatchewan retailers that do sell online list several varieties of seeds. Wiid Cannabis in Regina lists four varieties on their online store, D3NALI (Erbaceous) for $47.95, Lillooet Landrace (Pristine) for $34.95, Headband (Pristine) for $34.95 and Bakerstreet (Tweed) for $59.95. A Spiritleaf in Moosejaw listed Tweed’s Bakertsreet seeds at the same price. A Fire and Flower in Martensville lists Tweed’s Bakerstreet seeds for $51.20. Lush Leaf in Esterhazy lists four varieties, D3NALI for $50.45 Bakerstreet for $61.90, and Citrus Biscuits and Animal Cracker for $45.05 from One Leaf. (One Leaf offers seeds for sale to medical users via Shelter, as well.)

Apex, Apollo, Drifter, Fresh Tracks, Green Z, Strawberry Star, Street Legal, Street Sense, Tantalize by Jax $59.80


Lillooet Landrace, Headband by Pristine $29.99

Headband by Pure Sunfarms $29.99

A Fire and Flower in Martensville lists Tweed’s Bakerstreet seeds for $51.20.

The four plant rule is quite an intriguing way to put a limit on legal grows as this can result in quite a wide range of overall household yields. Initially, the government tried to limit the growth of the plant to one meter in height but eventually dropped that regulation meaning that the four plants can be any height.

There is currently a lot of uncertainty about whether it is legal or not to grow weed. The Canadian government has stated that the Cannabis Act will allow adults to grow up to four cannabis plants in each household. Nevertheless, some provinces (such as Quebec) have said that growing weed indoors or outdoors will not be allowed. Essentially, it’s a conflict between the Provincial and Federal governments, and it could eventually become end an issue that will have to be settled in court,

How many cannabis plants can I legally grow in Canada?

Those who prefer to grow weed themselves can do so in most provinces, except Manitoba and Quebec. The rule is per house up to four plants. In some provinces, the plants may not be visible from public roads.

Growing cannabis is legal in Canada, but that doesn’t mean all the other rules surrounding its consumption have been relaxed. You still can’t:

With the legalization of cannabis, Canada is keen to eradicate the illegal trade around the drug. This means that the government strictly regulates both cultivation and sales.