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can you germinate seeds in the bucket for marijuana

4. This is the bottom of the space bucket. It sits on top of the drip tray.

5. Use a drill to create openings for the mounts and electrical cord. Use the dremel tool to create a larger hole for the fan intake.


3. Plug the LED light into the timer. Plug the timer into the power strip.

1. Drill 4 holes in the bottom section of the space bucket. They should be 4cm from the top rim and spaced evenly apart.

3. Use the paper as a template to transfer the positions to the bucket lid.

Instead of pulling the whole plant out of the container, sometimes you can just cut away the solo cup when you plan on transplanting. This is one of the advantages of starting in disposable cups – it makes transplanting easy and stress-free. You can also gently run a butter knife around the outside to help loosen the soil, turn it upside down and pat out the seedling, soil and all!

4.) Transplant to an even bigger container if desired

Transfer seedling into a new container by digging a hole the size of a solo cup, and gently placing your seedling in the new hole without disturbing the roots at all if possible, like this!

That’s it. You’re done transplanting your weed plants!

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