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can you field test marijuana seeds for thc

Those are only one type of marijuana test kit. The other category of drug testing kit tells you exactly what’s in the cannabis you’re buying, using, or growing. When it comes to testing you cannabis, there are a lot of options available. However, certain products stand out above the rest as the best marijuana test kits of 2021 due to their reliability, ease of use, and manufacturer’s reputation.

Among those reactions? Some experience extreme paranoia and anxiety, even hallucinating or having psychotic episodes. A rapid heart rate is common, as well as feeling agitated. Synthetics can cause uncontrollable body movements, as well as total loss of control over one’s behavior. In some cases, users have overdosed or committed suicide while under the influence of these substances.

What are Marijuana Test Kits?

Alpha-Cat Cannabis Potency Test Kits:

Every Alpha-Cat marijuana test kit functions as a tiny marijuana testing lab. Each one contains all of the essential equipment necessary to test a sample of material and decipher the results. This includes calibration charts for cannabis potency testing, test plates, dyes and test fluids, as well as all of the vials, jars, trays, pipettes, syringes and gloves needed to complete your tests. Kits also include an easy-to-use manual to guide you through the process. In addition to the included equipment, you’ll need a digital weighing scale and a well-ventilated area to work.

EZ-Test Cannabis (THC) Identification Test Kit

If they aren’t sure whether that “green leafy substance” is hemp or marijuana, how do they know they are not confiscating and destroying someone’s perfectly legal hemp product? Isn’t that theft by the police?

[T]he Gwinnett County solicitor sent [a memo] to the county’s judges on Wednesday saying marijuana cases won’t be prosecuted in his office until lawmakers make changes to the recently enacted Hemp Farming Act. Prosecutors say they don’t have the technology to tell the difference between illegal marijuana and legal hemp. … Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter told Thomas that he agrees prosecutors can’t go into court and prove seized drugs are marijuana, not legal hemp.

Georgia Police Stop Arresting People for Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession

Wait, isn’t hemp legal now? If it is, why are SC cops confiscating it from CBD stores?

…SLED issued a memo announcing a new method of quantitative analysis of THC, a more involved test that can only be performed by trained chemists using a specialized instrument. Officers were told to discontinue the prior method. As a result, cases must be sent to SLED’s laboratory or to one of the 14 municipal and county drug labs around the state — if chemists there adopt the new procedure. Hughey said it will be up to individual solicitors to decide whether pending criminal cases involving marijuana that was tested with the old method will be reanalyzed.

Isn’t smokable hemp legal? The Attorney General says he doesn’t know.

Note: Only do this if you’re ready to germinate your plants. Otherwise, it could harm your seed. I cover germination in a later section.

This is a great test that works for many different seeds – not just cannabis. Take your seeds and drop them in a cup full of warm (not too hot) water then wait a couple of hours. If they sink then they’re probably good to go. If they won’t sink then they are probably dead and won’t grow.

Test Method #1: Floating Seeds in Water

The legality of growing cannabis varies depending on where you live in the world. Know your laws.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know if a cannabis seed is going to be male or female simply by looking at it or doing a simple test. This is a bummer since most people don’t want male cannabis plants in their garden.

If all you’ve got is a bag seed then the only way to find out if it’s going to be male or female is to grow it.