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can you buy marijuana seeds legally in canada

Focus on organic growing. Sonoma Seeds emphasizes organic growing and offers relevant tips.

Always inspect how your cannabis seeds look and feel. Some quality issues are easy to detect, although others demand more experience to perceive.

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best CBD Selection

Among the top providers of cannabis seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds works with any grower ’ s budget, offering a huge range of different seed varieties, including auto-flowering seeds, high CBD seeds, feminized varieties, and regular cannabis seeds—all the things you’d expect one of the best seed banks to carry. Quebec is also one of the few seed banks out there that actually focuses on breeding cannabis and improving genetics for well-being and medical use.

Remember, Manitoba and Quebec are not included in this part of the act and you cannot grow cannabis there.

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Despite these legit-seeming precautions, few sites are illegal and unregistered. That means there is no real way to verify the quality of the products in the cart. Thus, you have to order your marijuana seeds at your own risk! While Bill C-45 (the Cannabis Act) of the federal government legalized cannabis across the country, it left distribution and additional restrictions to provinces.

The Cannabis Act, known as Bill C-45, was passed in June 2018, and cannabis officially became legal on October 17, 2018. This act made Canada the second country in modern times to legalize cannabis, with Uruguay being the first.

The latest Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations doesn’t change doctors’ roles, and patients still approach LPs. But enrollees who need to grow their plants must presently register for a license. The quantity of plants grown by patients depends on their prescribed dosage, and the average sum created by a cannabis plant. Every gram of prescribed dried cannabis equals five indoor plants or two outdoor plants.


An alteration to the Cannabis Act enables the sale of edibles and concentrates “no later than 12 months” after legalization, which would be October 17, 2019.

Marihuana Medical Access Regulations propelled in 2001 by the government granted legal access to cannabis for Canadians who couldn’t find alleviation through regular treatment.

These are illegal storefronts in many Canadian cities where attendants serve customers, sometimes called “budtenders,” who help choose the right strain, marijuana seeds, or product. Numerous dispensaries ask customers to present ID when entering to verify the person is of legal age. Some require first-time customers to round out a questionnaire about their health or consult with a doctor or nurse in person or online to access membership for any dispensary.

Sometimes there’s also an expense associated with membership, and after becoming a part, your information will be kept on the document. But despite all these proper steps — including charges on purchases—these businesses are not legal. All things considered, the city has given license to some dispensaries in Vancouver, putting them in more of a gray zone. Many dispensaries intend to remain open after recreational cannabis is legalized.