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can marijuana seeds go bad over time

In some cases the latter may be true, if they are weak genetics or the seeds have been kept in adverse conditions. How long the seeds will last depends totally on the conditions they are stored in. If the seeds are humid or exposed to light, they will not germinate from being damaged internally. It is also essential to add that the seeds must be protected from being crushed.

As we mentioned before, marijuana seeds can be made to last very long if they are refrigerated. Without any interference, marijuana seeds can last a few months before they go bad, even up to a year if they are kept in a cool, dry and dark place, but if they are refrigerated, marijuana seeds can last up to a decade.

Will Cracked Marijuana Seeds Still Germinate?

Unfortunately, the answer to will a cracked seed still germinate is No. It cannot germinate as the valuable internal part of the seed that contains the genetic information of the plant is exposed, then the seed will no longer germinate. Great care must be taken to ensure the seeds are not damaged or crushed, including putting them in vials stuffed with cotton wool to ensure they don’t rattle around and harm each other.

How long your seeds will last can vary. If great care is taken for the seeds to be protected from humidity and light, and provided a cool environment the center of the seed will remain dormant, making the marijuana seed last longer. That way, the only thing needed to germinate the seed will be to soak them overnight in water then place them in a damp tissue or Jiffy plug and germinate normally.

There is plenty of debate surrounding how long do marijuana seeds last before they go bad. Some people say that they can last for years if they are kept in the correct conditions, while others disagree and state that they can only be used within 6 months to 1 year after packing. So the question is, how long do marijuana seeds last?

Cannabis doesn’t exactly have a sell-by date, but that doesn’t mean it will deliver the same experience months after being found at the bottom of a drawer. Keep reading to discover how the chemical structure of marijuana changes over time, and what you can do to keep its THC content as high as possible.

Cannabis isn’t like food, and it won’t make you ill if you consume it after several months. That is, as long as your weed hasn’t developed mould or bacteria in its downtime. Smoking contaminated weed can bring a whole host of problems and is best avoided. Store your weed correctly, and it can be used months, if not years, after first being harvested. What you need to be aware of is, despite looking pretty much the same, the chemical structure of your cannabis will have changed significantly depending on how well it was stored.


If you want to prevent harsh, dried-out cannabis and a sleepy, non-psychoactive experience, investing in adequate storage is the way forward. By choosing containers specially designed to limit your herb’s exposure to oxygen, UV light, and heat, you can dramatically slow the degradation of THC to CBN. Your marijuana will stay fresher for longer, and you needn’t panic about trying to finish your whole stash in one go.

Under the hood of every carefully selected bud is a sophisticated collection of compounds called cannabinoids. Of the dozens and dozens that we know about, THC, CBD, and CBN are the most abundant. However, this compositional structure isn’t set in stone, as each strain of cannabis will have cannabinoids in different measure. The chemical changes that take place while a cannabis plant is growing continue even after buds are harvested, stored away, and forgotten about at the bottom of a drawer.

It is possible to retain the majority of a concentrate’s integrity as long as it is stored correctly. The exact rate of degradation has yet to be scientifically tested, but it can be slowed as long as we remove the two factors that cause the chemical change in the first place—UV light and oxygen.