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can marijuana seeds be sent through the mail

Then we’ll touch on other types of seeds—ones that are not illegal to own, but that may be illegal to send. Seeds can be a tricky area, especially if sending them across international borders.

That is far from ideal, since there are very few places that sell seeds legally and their selection is extremely limited. Most Canadian growers end up buying seeds online from a seed bank in another country. But one of the best seed banks is actually headquartered in Vancouver: Crop King Seeds. That’s who we recommend for Canadians.

Is It Illegal To Send Weed Seeds In The Mail?

Most people asking if it is illegal to send seeds in the mail are talking about cannabis seeds.

That’s why we’ll cover both marijuana seeds and other types of seeds in this article. We’ll begin with weed and discuss the legality of sending and receiving the seeds in the US and several other countries.

Growing weed and buying seeds is perfectly legal in Australia—if you have a prescription for medicinal marijuana. If you do not, you can’t buy seeds. Many seed shipments end up getting confiscated and a number of seed banks have stopped shipping to Australia entirely as a result. There are now almost as few shipping to Australia, as there are seed banks than take PayPal.

My understanding is that because the seeds themselves do not contain THC, they are technically legal to mail. The seed labeling is always marked something like “birdseed” or “for novelty only, do not germinate” or “for collection/preservation only, do not germinate where illegal to do so”.

Because most countries have regulations to protect against agricultural pests and diseases as well as invasive species, you will probably need both a phytosanitary certificate and an import permit to take or send your seeds to another country.

Secondly, how do you mail seeds? Small seeds such as tomato and pepper seeds to some extent can be sent in a plain envelope with something like a thick paper towel for padding. If there is more than one packet they need to be taped down so that they can’t get on top on each other.

Also to know is, can you mail seeds to another country?

Can you send plants through the mail?

Every local news, from time to time, says that a fellow was taken in with some Marijuana plants in his house, “with a value of $ 40,000 USD.” Various equipment and a gun found after having gone through all the personal belongings. I`m a little nervous, but it’s probably not that I do not take a calculated risk to make sure the drug that pleases me better for my medical condition. I realize that many places have very relaxed attitude to Marijuana nowadays, but this is not the case for this destination State.

As far as the USPS is concerned, generally speaking – and don’t ask them to say this officially – they could care less if an ounce of weed is sent from point A to point B within a cannabis legal state. However, the USPS reports to Washington, who still has a hard-on for weed. As such, if the USPS smells weed in a package, then they have to open it, and confiscate the goods, as of June 2018.



Take a packet of sunflower seeds, make a hole the size of the marijuana seeds and place the seeds, cover the hole with transparent tape


A large gaggle of people purchase marijuana seeds on the internet and then send them across States without major issues. Having said that, there is some risk.

Or just have the marijuana seeds in your pocket they are so small that no one will notice when you go through TSA.