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can marijuana seeds be detected when mailed

Furthermore, how do you mail seeds? Small seeds such as tomato and pepper seeds to some extent can be sent in a plain envelope with something like a thick paper towel for padding. If there is more than one packet they need to be taped down so that they can’t get on top on each other.

In this manner, can you mail seeds to another country?

Can you send plants through the mail?

My understanding is that because the seeds themselves do not contain THC, they are technically legal to mail. The seed labeling is always marked something like “birdseed” or “for novelty only, do not germinate” or “for collection/preservation only, do not germinate where illegal to do so”.

Because most countries have regulations to protect against agricultural pests and diseases as well as invasive species, you will probably need both a phytosanitary certificate and an import permit to take or send your seeds to another country.

One reason may be down to confusion. Many people think, just because cannabis is legal in their state, that it’s safe to start mailing weed anywhere in the country. They don’t realize it is a federal crime and that they could go to jail because they haven’t bothered to check the rules.

With strict penalties in force and our intrepid US Postal Service inspectors looking out for drugs of all sorts, it’s a surprise that people still use this method of delivery.

No knows, however, how much marijuana actually gets through the postal system. The inspectors may well only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. There are millions of letters and parcels posted across the US every day. It’s fair to say that the large majority mailing weed are getting their deliveries through. But that doesn’t mean you will never get caught.

Why Do So Many Risk Mailing Weed?

It’s even been to the Supreme Court for a ruling – you can’t expect your parcel to be private at all if you use one of these companies. FedEx was even taken to court at one point and charged with playing a roll in trafficking drugs because they weren’t being so vigilant. That would suggest private courier firms are likely to be checking your parcel if you are mailing weed as they are trying to avoid prosecution and perhaps a hefty fine in the US.

Currently the US Postal Service needs a warrant to open your mail under the 4th Amendment. Private companies stipulate in their rules and regulations that they reserve the right to open any package they deem as suspicious, and that includes ones which may contain drugs.

The truth is that the United States Postal Service does keep an eye out for drugs trafficking. After all, sticking your drugs in the mail is pretty easy to do. And more of us do it than you would probably think.

Whatever you feel about the legality or otherwise of cannabis, you just have to accept that mailing weed is not allowed under federal law. And that’s unlikely to change soon. You may think it’s a little absurd. Many people do. But that doesn’t escape from the fact that, if you get caught, you can spend some significant time behind bars.

At home terminals, dogs are usually only searching for bombs. That said, if some dog is sitting next to your purse, better look for a lawyer.

Good suggestion. In the back of the pant pocket, they look like cotton fibers, or even a better choice is to put them together with peanuts or similar.

“Use triple zip-key bags that can hold liquids to package weed.”



Every local news, from time to time, says that a fellow was taken in with some Marijuana plants in his house, “with a value of $ 40,000 USD.” Various equipment and a gun found after having gone through all the personal belongings. I`m a little nervous, but it’s probably not that I do not take a calculated risk to make sure the drug that pleases me better for my medical condition. I realize that many places have very relaxed attitude to Marijuana nowadays, but this is not the case for this destination State.

USPS, however still respects and adheres to the rule of law, which means that they cannot open a package without probable cause. This means that if the package has no evidence or appearance of marijuana and is not shipped from or to a know criminal entity, it cannot be opened and will in practice be delivered. Larger amounts of weed can be detected in USPS packages using a scanner for organic content. Drug dogs can sniff out single or double wrapped packages. Again, this type of screening is focused on drug dealers.

A simple question that has not been thoroughly handled, and a quick survey did not produce any satisfactory results; How much risk do you have by sending though USPS, UPS or FedEx? And is there a preferred company for this kind of mailing?