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can i buy marijuana seeds with a credit card

We do not accept Cash in Envelope payments. We are working to activate this feature in the future.

Unfortunately due to the terms and conditions of PayPal we are unable to add this payment service to our site.

We love giving the very best deals to all of our customers, and have a wide selection of promotions running throughout the year.

We currently do not accept postal orders.

Barney's Farm are happy to give the best prices possible across our entire range of products.

For credit card transactions we use a secured third party with 3D security integration. Sounds very technical, so let’s forget that. We are happy to tell you how to buy cannabis seeds with your credit card.

Tip: please ask your credit card issuer to allow international payments to make sure your payment will get through right away!

Which credit cards are accepted?

Very annoying for you as a consumer, because a credit card is a widely used payment method and one of the easiest ways to make a safe purchase. Especially for those living in the USA, Canada and Australia but also for citizens in many other countries.

We offer both Mastercard and VISA to customers in most countries. American Express is no option at this point.

Via Weedseedsexpress it’s very easy to buy cannabis seeds with your credit card. The steps are described below.

Bank Name: Banco Santander


6. Provide our information and bank account details which are as follows (alternatives given incase of reaching transfer limit):

Buy Cannabis Seeds with credit card @ Original Seeds Store via Western Union

Bank Name: Banco Santander

Payee: OSSC Souvenirs (You may need to put OSSC as the name and Souvenirs as the surname)

Western Union payment – How to send money online to a bank account:

Our Address: Calle Baza 2a 2A, Huercal Overa 04600, Almeria Spain