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can i buy marijuana seeds with a credit card redit

is this standard now on all seed sites?

hey guys, I remember ordering seeds from "the vault" a UK seed bank in April of this year and I was able to use my regular credit card- but trying to order again and now it looks like you can't use a credit card anymore.

Oregon Elite Seeds should be added to the Seedbank List, and they do accept CC over the phone. Super fast shipping and free shipping through the rest of the year. Nice selection too, just got an order from them. Ordered and in 1 hour my order was in the shippers database.

I always go spend the bucks and buy the prepaid anonymous debit cards from places such as wallyworld. $5 to buy the card and load it with whatever money I need.

I've been shopping online for seeds and it seems like the only way you can pay is with a credit card or bank transfer or btc? does anyone know a site i can buy with a debit card?

i ordered 3 pineapple express and one zomdie death fuck off of here, do u have any experience with their shipping? its coming all the way to cali.

Its still traceable if you ship it to your house, but at least your actual money is protected.

And when it comes to online seed banks, you need to be careful.

The Pacific Seed Bank is decent option, but one that lags behind the top choices. This makes it an ok alternative in countries not served by other banks, since PSB ships worldwide, while many competitors do not.

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Best Place To Buy Cannabis Seeds: Comparison

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Crop King charges $20 to ship to the US and up to $40 to other parts of the world. They also only offer a 80% germination guarantee. In exchange for the high shipping costs, you get guaranteed delivery (they’ll send a new shipment if yours does not arrive), tracking and excellent discreet methods (hiding seeds inside other objects, like flashlights, greeting cards, etc.).

But you do need to follow their germination guide, so that they can be sure it is down to bad seeds and not bad procedure. We have tried emailing them a number of times, with no response. Ever. So if you try to take advantage of the germination guarantee, you might not find it easy.