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can i buy marijuana seeds in hawaii

In the state of Hawaii, marijuana seeds can be challenging to find. As a beginning cultivator in Hawaii, finding the right seeds that are easy for you to grow in the unique climate of your state can be challenging. Plus, discovering if growing marijuana seeds in Hawaii is legal can be another tricky problem to solve.

The use of medical marijuana is legal in the state of Hawaii, with more than 14,000 registered medical marijuana patients. You are legally allowed to hold 4 ounces of usable marijuana, not including seeds, in your possession.

Hawaii Cannabis Seeds: The ABC’s of Buying Marijuana Seeds

Using feminize cannabis seeds will allow you to effectively save time and increase the overall yelled from your harvest. Keep in the back of your mind that since feminized cannabis seeds only have one parent, the seed that you’re purchasing is identical to the parent plant. If you’re looking to breed unique strains of marijuana, feminized seeds are not the option for you.

Auto flower Gorilla Glue #4 is also commonly referred to as original glue. This strain of marijuana was bred by crossing the Chem’s Sister X Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel strains of marijuana.

Some female marijuana plants will turn into hermaphrodite plans, what is a plan that has both female and male reproductive organs on it, if it’s been exposed to environmental stressors, if it’s been left to flower for a longer period of time, or simply because it belongs to a unique strain of marijuana. Hermaphrodite plants have the ability to self pollinate, as well as polity any female marijuana plants surrounding it.

The Northern Lights is one of the purest indica strains there is. It is roughly 95% indica and 5% sativa. Due to the dominance of indica, the strain is one of the best cannabis seeds in Hawaii.

The autoflowering variant of Tangerine is one of the best marijuana seeds that you can obtain for Hawaii. It can be planted throughout the year. And because it is an autoflowering seed, it grows rather quickly in about eight to ten weeks. Not only that, each plant produces a healthy yield as well.

The pioneers who settled in Hawaii appreciated the usefulness of marijuana. They used the healing herb as medicine and its hemp byproducts as rope, clothing, and building supplies. Many great strains have come out of Hawaii’s rich history with the herb. For ages, consumers have been told mystical tales of Kona Gold and Kauai Electric, but these have now all but completely disappeared.

What Are CBD Seeds?

The world-famous and totally timeless Kush family needs no introduction. It is a familiar strain to every generation of marijuana enthusiast since Lamarck first classified cannabis and this famous bunch has bred a fan base that stretches time and space. For those out there searching for the perfect sativa to take them up the mountain, Strawberry Kush For Sale Online should be music to your ears!

The last three-and-a-half decades have brought much change in perspective and, a far cry from the uptight old days of yore. In 2000, Hawaii became one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana, though it would take another 15 years for a market framework to be set in place. In 2015, the program was expanded, and now, though many pertinent areas of law are still quite grey, there is recreational legislation in the works and, because it looks like almost 70% of the voting population is for full legalization, there may be hope for Hawaii’s precious Pakalolo after all.


Although novice growers may find some trouble growing Northern Lights in the open, the strain gives a healthy yield indoors without requiring too much effort. Once planted, the plant flowers within eight weeks.