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can birds spread marijuana seeds

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The birds were even able to infiltrate the garden of Great Britain’s Prime Minister, and they are still planning to distribute seeds during their non-violent rallies. Apart from marijuana supporters others are also enjoying the feeding of marijuana seeds to birds as it promotes the lesser possibility of extinction of some birds like European Sparrow.

Provided that the majority of ingestion of marijuana among birds is typically by accidents, either in the form of edibles or second-hand marijuana smoke, owners must fully disclose the reason for marijuana exposure of their pet bird to allow Veterinarians to effectively formulate an exact treatment.

Effects of Marijuana Seeds on Birds

The purpose of Omega Fatty Acid in both human and animal bodies is to encourage a healthy brain and a highly functioning heart. Omega Fatty Acid is also used in boosting the production of protein inside the bodies, which is why marijuana seeds are best for birds to feed.

For birds, it helps their cardiovascular system to function highly. The abundant presence of gamma-linoleic acid in marijuana seeds can also help in producing unnecessary types of proteins that cause inflammation.

With the aim to legalize marijuana usage and cultivation in Great Britain, people wanted to impose their purpose by not initiating violent actions and activities. These people wanted to promote the free usage of marijuana and make it available any time, regardless if used for medicinal or recreational activities. Instead, to showcase their revolution, they feed birds with marijuana seeds. This is their non-violent way to convince to say yes to marijuana legalization in their country.

Cannabis growers are tasked with taking all sorts of precautions to ensure their crop makes it to harvest in good condition. One danger to the outdoor plant is birds, as they are known to steal seeds and ruin your grow operation before it ever really takes off. Here are some tips to handle this threat from above.

When it comes to birds, there’s a really strange relationship shared with miss Mary Jane. At times, birds act as defenders, gobbling up the many pesky critters on your marijuana plants. On the other hand, they can wreak havoc on your future harvest by stealing your marijuana seeds. Here are a few things you should know about birds, and what you can do to stop them from harming your plants.


No matter the level of experience, when it comes to growing marijuana, growers are faced with many challenges. Some of the worst include insects, bad weather conditions, soil issues, heat stress, and birds, among other threats. It’s a real bummer to experience damaged or no crops at all after investing so much hard work, but it’s even worse knowing you could’ve done something about it.

Birds are usually in your crops for two main reasons: to eat them, or to eat the critters on them. Either way, you don’t really want them around. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your marijuana plants from birds; however, we recommend that you wait to act until you can say with confidence that birds are stealing your cannabis seeds. Here are a few tips:

The appearance of birds is always to be expected in any outdoor growing situation, so it won’t take much to tell if birds are tampering with and stealing from your crop or not. Birds visiting your grow isn’t automatically a bad thing. Here are marijuana plant symptoms to watch out for: